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The rapid growth of dental tourism in Asia over the past 3 decades has resulted in an abundance of state-of-the-art dental facilities springing up right throughout the continent, each of which offers outstanding dental treatments at a fraction of the prices being charged by Australian dentists. The sheer volume of clinics is mind-boggling, and choosing a reputable dental healthcare provider in a locale that’s right for you can seem like an intimidating prospect. Read on to discover more about the top dental destinations in Asia, as well as finding out a little more about some of the world-class facilities that are waiting to exceed your expectations.

Bangkok, Thailand

Not surprisingly, Thailand’s capital city is a veritable goldmine for modern, cutting-edge dental facilities. Dentists in Bangkok are amongst the finest in the world, with many having studied and trained abroad at some of the most prestigious educational institutes in countries such as Australia, the United States and Europe.

Their award-winning facilities include the Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC), which became the first Joint Commission International (JCI) Accredited dental center in the whole of Thailand. This impressive 7-storey building is equipped with the very latest dental technologies and has its own on-site dental laboratories where they fabricate all their prosthetics, such as dental implants, porcelain veneers and bridges, using advanced  CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacture) equipment and precision milling machines.

The state-of-the-art complex is dedicated to providing its international clients with the ultimate one-stop dental experience. There are a range of essential non-dental services available to make life as easy and stress-free as possible. Visitors have access to on-site banking facilities, not to mention a restaurant and various coffee shops that provide quality refreshments. The complex even has its own 30-room boutique hotel, the first of its kind in Bangkok, to make the visit as comfortable as possible for their overseas patients.

Phuket, Thailand

If the hustle and bustle of the capital city is not your scene, then maybe the island life is more your cup of tea. Phuket is one of Thailand’s largest islands and is a mixture of lively, party-‘til-you-drop beach resorts and rainforested, mountainous landscapes. Tourists have been migrating here annually for many years now to enjoy the many restaurants, spas and high-end seaside resorts that proliferate the western shores of the island.

For those seeking a more traditional Thai experience, Phuket City offers a blend of old shophouses and busy street markets, or there are all-inclusive tours available to explore Phuket and the surrounding islands such as Phang-nga bay, Khai island and Coral island.

If you’re looking for some of the best dentists in Phuket, then Sea Smile Dental Clinic comes highly recommended. They offer a comprehensive variety of dental treatments, ranging from simple cosmetic services such as teeth whitening, to major surgical procedures that include root canal treatments or dental implants.

Their commitment to catering for the specific needs of overseas patients is illustrated in their additional services that include exclusive discounts and rates at variety of partnered hotels, and a complimentary pick-up service to transport you to and from the clinic.

Bali, Indonesia

Continuing with the island theme, Bali is an island province of Indonesia and has earned the nickname of “the Island of the Gods”, mainly due to its unique blend of volcanic mountainous landscapes, rugged sandy beachfronts, impressive stepped rice terraces and ancient Hindu temples.

Bali is, quite literally, an island paradise and has been mesmerizing tourists for many years with its spectacular coral reefs that support over 5,000 different varieties of biodiverse marine species. For those of an active persuasion, there are a whole host of watersports activities to get involved in, such as canoeing, rafting, fishing, yachting and, for the more adventurous, freediving!

For those looking for more sedate pastimes, the island has a uniquely rich, artistic heritage that provides an eclectic blend of different cultures, including Chinese, Indian, Dutch and Portuguese influences.

Today, however, the quality of dentists in Bali is attracting a different type of visitor. Not only are people flocking to the island to enjoy the many wonders that can be experienced here, more and more tourists are making the trip to take advantage of the superior dental services that are readily available at state-of-the-art dental facilities such as the ARC Dental Clinic. ARC offers a complete range of cosmetic treatments and dental health services at affordable prices, whilst still maintaining the highest standards of excellence in patient care, hygiene and technology.

In Conclusion

Both Thailand and Indonesia, as well as other popular tourist destinations in the region, such as Vietnam and Malaysia, are all geared towards providing outstanding dental healthcare. Facilities and surgeon expertise are as good here as anywhere else on the planet, and treatments are readily available for a fraction of the prices being charged by your domestic dentists back home. So why not take advantage of the exceptional value for money that dental tourism in Asia can offer you today?


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