Monday, June 9th, 2014
ISD Analytics in partnership with TMN Simulation will present a Masterclass on Simulation-Based Predictive Analytics in Adelaide (Australia) on 25th June, titled: "From Human/Consumer Behavior Modeling to Simulating Internal Business Processes".

The Masterclass is part of a series of Simulation Australia Masterclass programs. ISD Analytics will cover the use of simulation for predictive consumer analytics and human behavior modeling. Topics that will be covered by ISD Analytics include:
- The emerging role of simulation in predictive analytics
- Cognitive-behavioral micro-simulation using agent-based modeling
- The consumer decision model (CDM) cube
- Case studies and insights for a range of business and Government applications such as energy, water, emergency response, retail/manufacturing, automotive and health.

Further details of the Masterclass are below.

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Simulation Based Predictive Analytics:
From Human/Consumer Behavior Modeling to Simulating Internal Business Processes

Business and Government are making significant investments in Big Data and predictive analytics in order to utilise the extensive quantity of available data to make better business or policy decisions. Simulation based predictive analytics is a powerful and emerging tool that can allow organisations to utilise their data to create highly predictive models of customers/community external to their organisation, or of business processes within their organization. These predictive models allow organisations to run what-if and test the effectiveness or future impact of strategic options to support better decision making. Better decisions lead to greater sales, reduced costs, or better Government policies. This master class will provide an overview of two different types of simulation based analytics:
• Consumer predictive analytics and human behavior modeling: used to better understand and predict your customer/community behavior, and test interventions to change their behavior, in order to support corporate strategy, marketing, pricing, sales and demand forecasting, and Government policy and social planning; and
• Business process modeling and simulation: used to improve or optimize business processes within an organization, such as logistics and manufacturing processes, to improve productivity and efficiency, and reduce costs.

Date: Wednesday 25 June 2014
Time: 9.30am – 2.30pm
Location: Level 7, 101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, SA

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Who Should Attend?

This Master Class provides an introduction to the emerging and powerful field of simulation-based predictive analytics. Anyone interested in the rapidly growing field of predictive analytics and Big Data, predictive simulation, as well as business leaders and analysts involved with strategy and decision making both external to an organization (e.g. sales/demand forecasting, marketing, pricing, policy design) or internally within an organization (business processes).

Highlighted Modules of the Master Class:

1. Emerging role of simulation in predictive analytics, Big Data and decision support

2. Human behavior modeling and Consumer analytics
• Cognitive-behavioral micro-simulation using agent-based modeling and the Consumer Decision Model
• Case studies and insights: water, energy, retail/manufacturing, automotive, emergency services and health

3. Business process modeling
• Business process modeling
• Case studies and insights: manufacturing, logistics, health


Dr Don Perugini, Director, ISD Analytics
Dr Don Perugini has spent over 15 years in Defense and commercial industry using advanced simulation-based analytics to accurately predict how humans behave, as well as how to influence their behavior. Dr Perugini has applied this analytics technology commercially globally to consumer markets including energy, water, retail, manufacturing, transport, Government Policy, and emergency management. Analytics is used to support Government strategic planning, policy design, (micro)-marketing, behavior change, demand management, market research, and customer personalization.

Kenny McLeod, Director, TMN Simulation
Kenny Macleod has twenty years’ experience in simulation, analysis and decision support. He has an MSc in Operational Research (aka Management Science), and has held professional memberships of the British Computer Society, Operational Research Society & Simulation Australia. Kenny established TMN Simulation in 2007, a simulation consultancy and Australia/NZ/Pacific distributor of 3D modelling applications Flexsim. With a keen interest in all areas of Modelling and Decision Support, Kenny continues to look at ways to introduce these skill sets to the wider business community.

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ISD Analytics

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ISD's Simulait allows you to better predict and influence human behavior at any level from individuals to complete populations, in order to assist with business strategy and Government policy... it's like a real-life SimCity application!

Simulait has been applied to a range of industries globally including water, energy, retail, transport, emergency response, Government policy, and organizational analysis, where it has achieved greater than 90% accuracy in predictions.

Don Perugini
P: 0412 662 544

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Don Perugini
P: 0412 662 544


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