Thursday, June 5th, 2014

NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwired) -- LEAP Media Investments has launched a new set of high-value, scaled audiences for the soft drinks, power drinks and snack categories, which it created using its patented Emotional Attachment? technology.

Following the company's launch in market in early April, LEAP Media Investments has created audiences for specific brands across various sectors including, automotive, travel, tech, retail, CPG, and QSR, along with select media platforms and properties.

The soft drinks, power drinks, and snack categories include brands such as Pepsi, Coke, Gatorade, Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew, Red Bull, Vitamin Water, Aquafina, Evian, Lays, and Doritos, among others. Depending on marketers' objectives, LEAP? Audiences can be leveraged by targeting Brand Loyalists, Conquests or Expansion Audiences.

  • Brand Loyalist Audiences. Highly emotionally attached to a brand. This audience is influential and considered "low-hanging fruit," responsible for generating the bulk of a brand's revenues
  • Brand Conquest Audiences. Moderately emotionally attached to a brand. This audience can increase market share because it can be persuaded to at least try, if not switch, from a competing brand
  • Brand Expansion Audiences. Less aware of your brand and less emotionally attached. This audience can deliver entirely new customers

"This is the only targeting approach that fully understands and leverages the value of a lifetime customer based on their Emotional Attachment to the brand," said Denise Larson, President and co-founder of LEAP? Media Investments.

LEAP? Scaled Audiences include tens of millions of individual Brand Loyalists for beverage and snack brands as well as hundreds of millions of individuals who are Brand Conquests for the same categories/brands.*

For example, there are more than 25 million Pepsi Brand Loyalists and 40 million Pepsi Conquest Audiences; Coke Zero has 10 million Brand Loyalists and 35 million Brand Conquests; Mountain Dew has 8 million Loyalists; Lays has 20 million Loyalists with an audience of more than 40 million Brand Conquests, just to name a few.

According to LEAP? Media CEO Gary Reisman, "Summer's here and the time is right to more effectively target the millions who are the most valuable consumers of these products. With barbecues, picnics, boat trips and beach trips, it is the perfect opportunity to increase brand sales by executing against LEAP Audiences."

LEAP? is the only audience-development approach that uses foundational consumer insight to build audiences that are more likely to engage with a particular brand or media. There is nothing like it in the market today and nothing so close to what marketers are clearly looking for -- a direct link to valued segments that are more likely to engage with their brand messages in today's digital media landscape.

Understanding emotional attachment is crucial to marketers because LEAP brand audiences are:

  • 2.5 times more likely to pay attention to the advertising
  • 47 percent more likely to buy the brand
  • 43 percent more likely to talk about the brand on social channels

In addition to brands, LEAP Media Investments has created scaled audiences based on attachment to media properties and content for TV expansion, TV tune-in promotion and SVOD subscription acquisition/retention.

*LEAP Media Investments Audiences scaled by Datalogix

About LEAP Media Investments
Launched in 2014, LEAP Media Investments is the only company with ability to create, scale and distribute high-value brand and media audiences across all digital platforms based on foundational emotional attachment technology.

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