Thursday, June 5th, 2014

Lady Zeppelin was formed in 2011 by husband-and-wife team Graham and Donna Greene as a tribute to one of their favourite bands, and also as a way to get out and play some great songs with some great friends - Jason Dohrmann (keys), Jim Awram (bass) and Shane Brady (drums). After two years of critically acclaimed shows, the band was forced into hiatus by Donna's diagnosis of MS in 2013.

One year on, and Donna - one of WA's most respected vocalists - has found her way back to a place where the prospect of beating the boards with her Lady Zeppelin bandmates has become attainable at a level worthy of the music and the woman. A unique blend of talent, finesse and showmanship, Lady Zeppelin is proud and happy to announce a return concert in 2014, a once-only event to be held at the Civic Hotel, Inglewood on September the 27th. Donna, Graham (hailed by Australian Guitar Magazine as the 'Satriani of the South') and band will be adding a set of songs by another mutual favourite, Heart, as a special opening to the show, hence the event's title, 'Zep & Butterfly'.

"When we first came up with the idea to do a Zeppelin show (mid 2010 some time) I wanted to do a combination show performing Heart songs too - we contemplated the name "Zep & Butterfly". For one reason or another, it didn't eventuate and in January 2011, we put on our first Lady Zeppelin show. 

"Our last show was on April 26 2013. If I'm going to realise this dream, now's the time. So if you'd like to share in the experience of "Zep & Butterfly", this is it.", Donna said. 

An awesome amount of talent, passion and commitment will be on show on the 27th, making this a performance not to be missed - join Lady Zeppelin as they raise the roof at the Civic Hotel for their only 2014 appearance. You will certainly not regret the experience.

Ticketing on Ticketbooth
$15 Presale or $20 at the door on the night.
LadyZeppelin on facebook.

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