Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Baby Boomers being polled on their Top five movies of all time are voting with their hearts, but Avatar and its visually startling 3-D effects may yet outstrip the classic favourites.

It’s hard not to find a Baby Boomer who isn’t familiar with either the characters or a few famous lines from either Gone with the Wind or The Godfather epics. While most men at parties can recall the lines of Marlon Brando, if put on the spot, and some recite the lines with cotton wool in their cheeks, women can hold court on the romantic interludes of Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler.

The latest Top 5 Movies survey results from the babyboomers.com.au website shows Gone with the Wind at number ‘one’ in front of the Godfather at number ‘two’ when people rate their top five movies of all time. Men did vote, and a lot chose The Godfather as one of their Top 5, but obviously not enough to get this movie over the line.

What’s interesting is whether Avatar will surpass these two as it breaks all box office records for being the highest grossing movie and assumedly most watched of all time.

“Baby Boomers like going to the movies and many grew up going to the pictures every week. Movies haven’t lost their glamour and some make an impression more than others. Avatar with the revolutionary 3-D effects has struck a chord with the Baby Boomers with some going back a second and third time to see the movie. According to David Stevens, social researcher with babyboomers.com.au, people like to be transported by movies into another world and for the most popular, perhaps imagine themselves in that world.”

Avatar certainly does this in a spectacular way.

You can find the Top 5 movies poll and others like the Top 5 dieting tips or Top 5 money saving tips on the babyboomers.com.au website as a feature for registered members.

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