Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

~~This year VIVID 2014 Sydney has expanded around the CBD and Hammerlighting has been fortunate to be involved in several projects again.

Digital Forest in Martin Place comprises of 120x 3D LED digital tubes. The interactive installation includes tablet activation of various combinations of colour, patterns and movement that play through the tubes. It’s a format open to interpretation of the viewer from sparkling camera flashes of a forest of paparazzi cameras to the slow organic ripples that you would experience under a leafy canopy with a breeze meandering through.

Hammerlighting also has a project associated with Rotary International. The façade of 88 George St has been awash with smiling faces of children. Their faces morph with bright sunflower faces in appreciation of the work Rotary has achieved in immunisation.

Step Lightly highlights in the Metcalf Arcade between George St and Hickson Road. While initially conceived as a light hearted response it has immerged to shadow the constant movement of foot traffic through the busy arcade, sometimes flowing sometimes static but always changing and colourful.

Galleria Forest has a calming and quietening effect on anyone entering. The soft green overhead wash and warm dappling in the entry atrium offers a respite from noise and commotion of the streets outside. Your ears pick up the jungle soundscape of familiar wildlife noises including insects and gentle background echoes. Textures colour and ambient glow add to a serene moment. 

Catch your breath.

We would like to also thank sponsors and people that have assisted in making these installations possible. Intel, Rotary Down Under and Rotary International, DFS Galleria, PRG, Gobotech and Creative Lighting and Audio.

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