Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

Australian parents in 2014 say they’re being forced to have the birds and bees conversation with their kids while they’re still at primary school – and most (75%) say it is because of what they’re seeing on the Internet.


New research by AVG Technologies suggests 59 per cent of Aussie children have had or will be given a “facts of life” chat by the time they’re 10; with the conversation these days including tricky subjects such as pornography, sex, puberty and religion.


For most parents, the chat’s happening at least five years before they had their version of it – and the majority say their children will likely know more about the Internet than them by the time they’re 12 –1 in 5 parents expect the same to be true when their child is just age 9.

Kids spending more time online

  • 47 per cent of parents think their child spends too much time on devices (and 48 per cent say they don’t spend enough time outside)
  • 29 per cent of parents say the child throws a tantrum when device is taken away
  • 10 per cent use devices as a digital babysitter
  • Children said they felt ‘mad’ or ‘sad’ when device is removed


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