Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Glow Golf and Coffin Ride are the new attractions for families, couples, ‘Hens and Bucks’, groups, corporate get-togethers and tourists.

Glow Golf is a new take on old-fashioned family fun, an Australian made indoor miniature golf course.

The new entertainment venue in Melbourne’s Docklands takes place for the most part in the dark under UV lights where fluorescent paints reacts and comes alive with 3 dimensional props, sound effects and interactive putting holes.

Mini Golf Melbourne is a family business run by Michael and Julie Blyth, assisted by their four children.

The Blyth family having visited various Mini Golf courses through the years on holidays, and thought that this concept, was an ideal way to entertain whole families in Melbourne.

“The thoughts gained momentum and other ideas were stirred into the pot,” says Julie Blyth. “Our Glowgolf Mini Golf is based on an Australiana theme where tourists and children learn about our sunburnt country.

"Just to add interest, we tried to fit as many iconic themes into our mini golf as we could -- the Kingswood Ute is there, Crocodile Dundee, Kylie, the list just goes on."

The radio in the old rusty Ute plays music from Australian legends; the Ute goes berserk when you putt the ball into the back; the outback dunny features a bloke groaning like there is no tomorrow, must have had a really bad night; on Hole 18, hit your ball into Ned Kelly’s head and score a free game, but you need to also listen carefully to your random generated score which can make or break your game.

Then there’s the lights. Tee off looking over the majestic surrounds of Melbourne under a twinkling sky, working your way around Australia through the outback and finally finishing at Sydney Opera House.

The last hole is the hardest hole but is the hole but gives the biggest reward, putt the ball here and, well let’s just say your effort won’t go unrewarded.

After constantly seeing indoor Children's Centres that cater only for children, Michael and Julie realised that affordable entertainment was missing for the whole family.

Julie says she can’t wait for their first wedding party.

“Imagine the white wedding dress absolutely glowing under the UV lights, that would look so stunning," she says.

Michael had the vision and technical expertise and Julie the marketing and creativity prowess to get the Glowgolf Mini Golf up and operating.

“It’s the intangible assets that will make this business stand out from all the others,” Julie says. “There are hundreds of other business and franchises in Australia but this business gives the public and visitors something new and exciting to look forward to. Michael has been working hard developing the website, and soon to introduce online bookings.”

The Blyths have also introduced the Coffin Ride, for those who may have wondered what it would be like to be buried alive.

On "The Last Ride", a simulated ride to the grave in a wooden casket, riders listen to a 3D stereo soundtrack that plays in the pitch dark casket while built in\ air rams move the casket in sync with the sound track.

“The two Cockney gravediggers load you in a hot rod hearse, take a wild ride to the grave site, then they throw you in the hole, and shovel in the dirt until you hear nothing but silence,” Julie explains.

“Then the bugs and creeps attack to a unnerving crescendo, and just when you think all is lost, the lid flies open to a well welcomed breath of fresh air and a ‘Welcome Back’. The ride has an IR camera with audio in the casket so people outside can watch and ponder their own fate.”

For more details visit or call Julie on 03-9642-5442 or 0413 205-003.


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