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The theme for South Australian Groundsprayer Association (SAGA)’s 2014 Annual Industry Day

Glyphosate is one of the most widely used chemicals in Australia and yet its future is under threat because of the increasing number of weeds that are developing resistance to it.

Whether there is life beyond Glyphosate to control weeds has become such a hot topic, the South Australian Groundsprayer Association (SAGA) have it as their theme for the 2014 Annual Industry day “Life Beyond Glyphosate”.

In the Grains Research and Development Corporation's Ground Cover magazine Issue 104: May - June 2013, the article titled "Is it too late to save glyphosate?", Dr Ford Baldwin is quoted as saying "if you look at the technology now in the US, resistance is found within all the key weed species, meaning some growers have had to resort to hand-weeding and tillage to deal with tolerant plants.”

Dr Ford Baldwin said, “Nobody within the industry – growers, consultants or chemical company representatives – believed the problem of resistance would become so bad so quickly."


SAGA’s Annual Industry Day will look at the current situation of weeds with resistance in Australia, explore options for prolonging the active life of glyphosate, and consider some futuristic ways of controlling weeds.


Dave Georg of Smith & Georg, the chemical training company that is organizing the Industry Day on behalf of SAGA says, “SAGA is providing an impressive list of topics, presented by an equally impressive list of world-class speakers.

If you work in agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, roadside spraying, or use glyphosate herbicide in any situation, this issue affects you and we encourage you to consider registration as this would be a ‘must attend’ Industry Day for you.”


SAGA was formed 15 years ago to represent groundsprayers throughout South Australia, promoting and safeguarding the interests of the industry.

Groundsprayers are people who apply chemicals to control weeds, pests and diseases using ground-based application equipment.

SAGA members are involved in many different aspects of weed, pest and disease control.

SAGA encourage members of the public, Public land managers, Council staff, primary producers and in fact any other users of chemicals to join them on the day to discuss the issue.

Smith and Georg is a small Registered Training Organisation, providing chemical training for people working in primary and related industries.


SAGA’s 2014 Industry Day: Life After Glyphosate

4 July 2014, Adelaide

Venue: The Bay Function Centre, Gliderol Stadium, Brighton Road, Glenelg East

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