Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Swap from your couch and win on Global Sharing Day

The Clothing Exchange’s online swapping service is Australia’s newest platform in the growing sharing economy sector. This Global Sharing Day (Sunday, 1st June), The Clothing Exchange invites anyone with an overfilled wardrobe and an internet connection to join the revolution in the way we consume fashion.

Global Sharing Day is an initiative from UK based not-for-profit The People Who Share, whose mission is to harness the power of reciprocity to create happier, healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. In 2013 the campaign reached 70 million people in 192 countries.

Kate Luckins, founder of The Clothing Exchange, says the sharing landscape is changing rapidly for good reason.

“Sharing, whether through swapping, renting or just plain giving, is a model of consumption that reinstates value in physical items that would otherwise sit unused in a garage, on a plot of land, or indeed, in your closet” Kate says.

A 2013 study by ahm found that the average Australian owns a staggering 104 garments that they don’t wear anymore. The Clothing Exchange enables the sharing of clothes between owners over the garments’ lifespan, reducing fashion waste and saving consumers money.

As part of the Global Sharing Day campaign, The Clothing Exchange is running a promotion to encourage people to try out their online swapping service.

From the 1st - 5th of June listing items on The Clothing Exchange will be free. A “new” wardrobe - a prize of 20 buttons (credits used to ‘purchase’ items from the Swap Shop) will be awarded to the swapper who lists the most items over this period. Additional prizes will be awarded for the most attractive garment listing and to the first ten people to register on Global Sharing Day (June 1). Full details of the promotion can be found here.


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The Clothing Exchange

The Clothing Exchange was founded by Kate Luckins in Melbourne, Australia in 2004. Following a collaboration with the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in 2006, The Clothing Exchange has become a regular event for swappers in a host of wonderful venues across Australia.

At The Clothing Exchange, we believe that looking good shouldn’t ‘cost’ the earth. Choosing swapping has the direct result of keeping garments out of landfill for longer and reducing the damaging effects of fast fashion and out-of-control consumerism, one garment at a time.

At The Clothing Exchange, you can swap online and at our professionally hosted events across Australia.

Lisa Coleman
M: 0421884636


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