Monday, May 26th, 2014

TICKETLOOP is an Adelaide startup that has set out to ensure music lovers never miss tickets to their favourite gigs. TicketLoop founders Alissa Cannon and Nick Hayden were frustrated with missing out on live music in South Australia, so they decided to launch a business to solve the problem.

TicketLoop guarantees that if a ticketed live contemporary music event is announced in South Australia they will tell you about it before tickets sell out.

Cannon and Hayden have launched a weekly newsletter which tells you exactly when tickets go on sale, as well as offering weekly gig-picks and suggestions for the best free shows in town.

The idea for TicketLoop sprouted when co-founder Alissa Cannon, got a call from her mum asking if she wanted to go see Rodriguez (the Searching for Sugarman guy).  Unfortunately the event sold out months ago.  Over the next few weeks Cannon noticed that she wasn’t the only one.  Her friends were missing out on tickets all the time too.  After scouring the internet for a solution, subscribing to six different mailing lists and three gig guides, she realised there had to be a better way. 

TicketLoop was born during last year’s Adelaide Start-Up Weekend competition, where Cannon met TicketLoop’s co-founder, Nick Hayden. The pair are now participating in the New Venture Institute Flinders Venture Dorm Program as scholarship winners.  

The need for a product like TicketLoop was reinforced by last year’s SA Thinker in Residence, Martin Elbourne. “There is much passion and energy within the contemporary music community of South Australia. It appears, however, that it has not always been able to be channelled into a positive, forward direction that maximises outcomes for all involved.

TicketLoop is taking the lead. With the goals of connecting subscribers with a wider range of venues and music, as well as providing an easy and affordable channel for small to medium-sized and emerging venues to find new patrons.  The founders plan to help get Adelaide on the map as a vibrant and creative city.  “It would be great if one day we can see bands putting Adelaide first on their touring lists, rather than skipping our city as so often happens,” says Cannon.

Cannon and Hayden plan to expand their business to regional SA and interstate and include jazz, classical music, dance, sport and other live events.

TicketLoop wants to ensure no one in Australia has to say that they missed out on a gig because they didn’t know it was happening” says Hayden. To ensure you never miss a South Australian gig again, subscribe to TicketLoop at or visit their Facebook page


Alissa Cannon, Co-Founder, TicketLoop | 0431 202 764 | [email protected] |

Nick Hayden, Co-Founder, TicketLoop | 0437 005 855 | [email protected] | | [email protected]

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The Ticket Loop idea came about when Alissa missed out on tickets to see Rodriguez (the Searching for Sugarman guy).  Her mum heard that he was touring on the radio so they hit the internet and found out that he was playing Adelaide next week.  Problem: tickets sold out months ago.  Then in the two weeks that followed she suffered a serious case of theBaader-Meinhof phenomenon.  She kept noticing my friends complaining about how they missed out on tickets to events or wish they knew that an event was happening months ago because they would have booked time off and organised to go.  Thus the Ticket Loop idea was born.  After realising she completely lacked the IT skills to make it happen she put together a sixty second pitch and hit up Start-Up Weekend.

Nick Hayden
M: 0437005855


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