Thursday, May 15th, 2014

The younger generations (Generations Y and Z) are much less likely than the older generations (Gen X, Baby Boomers and Pre-Boomers) to have gambled in the last three months, according to the March 2014 results from the Roy Morgan Gambling Monitor. 

Only 39% of Gen Y and 27% of those Gen Zers old enough to gamble have participated in some form of gambling activity in the last three months, compared to 54% of Generation X, 63% of Baby Boomers, and 56% of Pre-Boomers. 

In total, 50% of Australian adults gamble in an average three-month period.

Gambling participation rate of each generation*

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2013 – March 2014 (n=16,919).

Jane Ianniello, International Director of Tourism, Travel & Leisure, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“While the majority of Baby Boomers, Pre-Boomers and Generation X will gamble at least once in any given three months, Generations Z and Y are much less likely to participate in almost all forms of gambling except for casino table games and online betting.


“Generations Z and Y tend to be more impulsive and less driven by habit than the older generations in their approach to gambling. Whether they’re playing the pokies or buying a lottery or scratch ticket, the decision to do so is often made on the spur of the moment.


“Roy Morgan Research’s ground-breaking new profiling tool, Helix Personas, can assist casinos, online wagering companies and responsible gambling authorities to refine their search for younger Australians who gamble.


For instance, members of the young, sociable and cashed-up Metrotech community are more likely than other communities to have played casino table games in an average three-month period — particularly Cultural Pioneers (4.7% of whom have done so, well above the national average of 2.4%). Cultural Pioneers are typically young, single and from diverse ethnic backgrounds. They have busy social lives and don’t like to be boxed in by convention or conservatism.”


* Gen Z were born between 1991 – 2005, Gen Y between 1976 – 1990, Gen X 1961 – 1975, Baby Boomers between 1946 – 1960, and Pre-Boomers before 1946

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