Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Health conscious Aussies are becoming green thumbs in pursuit of freshness, flavour and nutrition. Growing vegetables, herbs and even superfoods such as chia seeds and goji berries in your own backyard is an emerging trend, and will be supported with the Johnsons World Kitchen packaged seed range due for release in Australia in July. The range includes rare and distinctive vegetables and herbs from the Americas, Asia, Europe, France and the Mediterranean.

“There is a much greater demand for more exotic, unique and flavoursome vegetables and herbs. Australians will soon be able to grow these in their own backyard,” said Aaron Whitehouse, Managing Director for Johnsons Seeds.

“Our range includes unique herbs and vegetables that are rarely found in the supermarket or farmers markets. We are delighted to be launching the range in Australia and anticipate a huge response from gourmet chefs, foodies and health conscious consumers.”

With an increasingly international influence on food and flavour, Australians are returning to their roots and getting in the garden - saving a considerable amount on grocery bills and boosting nutritional value and flavour.

Johnsons World Kitchen seed range includes more than 80 herbs and vegetables including nutritional powerhouses such as chia, goji berry and other exotic varieties including cucamelon, water spinach kong kong and winged asparagus pea. Each seed packet also includes new recipe ideas, showcasing the best flavours from around the world, and with more recipes on the new Johnsons seed website there is no shortage of cooking ideas.

Johnsons World Kitchen seeds will be available from July 2014 in Bunnings and independent garden centres throughout Australia, as will the new Johnsons website.

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