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AVG Internet of Things Research – Australian Stats

Research carried out by Vanson Bourne of 250 small businesses between 1 and 100 employees in Australia in April 2014

  • 52% understand what is meant by the term IoT (but 15% think it is a type of email system - nearly double the number of other countries in the study)
  • Internet of Things represents an opportunity for their business (26% say significant; 58% say some; 17% say none at all)
  • Almost a third (29%) expect it to feature in their business within next two years mostly impacting on the organization (34%) and customers (21%)
  • The majority (65%) said IoT is already here (23% said it’s real today and 42% said it’s mostly reality but also with some hype)
  • Pros: Increased (43% of respondents) and faster (48%) access to more data along with productivity gains (42%). 35% said it will help customer satisfaction and 33% expected it to help them be more profitable
  • Cons: 55% fear increased security risks while 48% cited increased complexity and 47% increased cost
  • 69% said IoT would lead to an increase in backup frequency.  In terms of IoT’s impact on IT security respondents thought it would affect privacy the most (32%) followed by RMM (27%) and backup (20%). Around half of respondents (55%) think IoT will result in their organization being more open to security breaches or hacking
  • 44% said Yes to Internet of Things to residing outside the organization's network although the majority (58%) agreed it might make securing them impossible. The top 5 IoT devices small business owners expect to have are Printers (89%), Scanners (84%), Monitors (67%), Refrigerators (61%) and Coffee Machines (52%). The top 5 devices that have been secured were IP Phones (58%), CCTV (54%), Smart TVs (36%), Printers (32%), Scanners/Sensors (29%). The top 5 devices that could present a security threat were IP Phone (57%), CCTV (32%), Smart TV (30%) Factory Equipment (23%) and Sensors (19%).
  • 45% of those surveyed agreed that security software aimed at IoT would put their mind at ease
  • 80% of respondents said that human error would continue to give them more concern than smart devices
  • The top reasons associated with the Internet of Things that are preventing small businesses from buying and implementing smart devices were cost (41%), security (33%) and lack of demand (37%)

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