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Longevity and Baby Boomer speaker presenting in Adelaide

  • Victorian Jack Lockett served in and experienced the trauma of the First World War and lived until he was 111.
  • Alice Herz-Sommer survived the Holocaust whilst her husband died in Dachau. Up until her passing in February this year, she was the world’s oldest survivor at 110.
  • Queenslander Ruth Frith won 6 gold medals at the 2009 World Masters games, aged 100. She rarely ate vegetables and had the energy and enthusiasm of someone half her age. Frith died earlier this year aged 104.

Some might say these results are due to good genes, a stroke of luck or a magic potion. Look a little closer and it becomes evident that there are certain characteristics and behaviours – clues that graceful agers have left us – that any one of us has access to.

With the official retirement age on the agenda to rise to 67 by 2023 and 70 by 2030, former journalist and TV producer-turned national speaker and podcast host Marcus Pearce is coming to Adelaide to warn South Australians to not only prepare to be to working for longer, but to become equipped with the necessary tools for living longer.

“There’s a cultural belief in Australia that we are here for a good time NOT a long time,” Pearce says. “However, as more and more people today are hitting the 100 milestone, we are noticing that they share common lifestyle traits and beliefs that others don’t.”

Pearce outlines four decisions that are available to people all over the globe but sadly shared only by a select few.


1. You must LOVE getting older

It’s in vogue these days to bemoan getting older. We have an entire industry dedicated to anti-ageing. But what if the secret to having a long and happy life was to in fact enjoy your age, no matter what it is and to look forward to the rest of your life? What if a simple belief around your age could buy you another seven years of quality living?

2. You must have a REASON for living

When studying people who have lived a remarkable long life it is clear that their life is dedicated to a great cause or purpose. It might be as simple as being dedicated to family. For Alice Herz-Sommer it was music. She loved music so much she played it 3 hours per day up until her death. Ruth Frith was dedicated to exercising and athletics.

3. You must ENJOY exercising

Graceful agers are all 'movers and shakers'! Interestingly, they are not triathletes or marathon runners (the only centenarian to run a marathon was Fauja Singh who became the oldest person to run a marathon in Toronto in 2011 at age 100) and they are not exercising because they think they 'should'. They do it because they LOVE it, and that is the most important point.

4. You MUST spend time with others

Everyone who is ageing gracefully isn’t doing it alone. They have friends and family and most importantly, they regularly commune with them and enjoy each other’s company. The hormone of love known as oxytocin is said to rise when we are in social environments (be it a simple family dinner or a birthday party). The longest-lived people in the world come from Ikaria in Greece and Okinawa in Japan which have well-established traditions of strong community bonds.

Marcus Pearce will be discussing this principles and more in his upcoming presentation 100 Not Out: Mastering the art of ageing well at the Burnside Community Centre on Tuesday May 27 at 7pm. For more information please go to www.eventbrite.com.au and search for “100 Not Out” or direct: http://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/100-not-out-tickets-11297780967?aff=es2&rank=1

Event details:

100 Not Out: Mastering the Art of Ageing Well

Tuesday May 27 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Burnside Community Centre, Tusmore

Tickets available at www.eventbrite.com.au and searching “100 Not Out”

To interview Marcus Pearce please contact:

Dr Brett Hill – Owner, Greenhill Family Chiropractic, co-host The Wellness Guys, That Paleo Show
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Marcus Pearce is the CEO and Executive Producer of The Wellness Couch, Australia’s leading health & wellness podcast network with over 1 million annual downloads.

He hosts a weekly podcast 100 Not Out and is a nationally recognized speaker on what it takes to put more quality into your quantity of life.

For more information about the 100 Not Out podcast click here

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Dr Brett Hill is a wellness expert and chiropractor, owner of the Greenhill Family Chiropractic, and co-host of The Wellness Guys and That Paleo Show. He is also a public speaker holding regular wellness seminars, speaking at schools and providing information sessions for local council groups. His passion is to teach people how to be well in our modern world.

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