Saturday, March 27th, 2010
The Cheltenham Park Residents Association (CPRA) has written to the South Australian Jockey Club (SAJC) requesting a document they believe will support countless claims by members of the public that Cheltenham Racecourse was always to be used for horseracing or parks and gardens.

CPRA has requested the trust deed for the Cheltenham Park Racecourse after discovering documents at the Lands Titles Office that bear proof of the racecourse’s status as “trust property”.

“The LTO documents contain declarations by the Public Officers of the Port Adelaide Racing Club and the SAJC that the Cheltenham Park Racecourse is trust property,” said CPRA spokesperson Carol Faulkner. “They were signed when the racecourse was handed over to the SAJC after the shotgun-wedding-style merger of the clubs in 1975. The declarations expressly indicate that the land is held upon trust.”

CPRA believes the trust deed will form the final piece in the puzzle explaining why so many locals and racing diehards assert that “Cheltenham was never to be sold”.

“It’s incredible,” said Ms Faulkner. “They are unshakeable in their claim that Cheltenham Park was always to be used as a racecourse or parks and gardens. Several people said this came straight from the mouth of the great Port Adelaide Racing Club chairman and grandstand namesake, Wyndham Hill Smith.”

CPRA believes the trust formalised the early intentions of the PARC to present the racecourse to the people as a public park. Archived editions of The Advertiser contain records of the Club’s annual meetings, where plans were made to throw the racecourse open as a public park. The PARC committee intended to act as trustees, and reserve the park only on race days.

“All the information is coming together,” said Ms Faulkner. “The stories about the original owner’s will, the PARC’s intentions, the declaration of trust, and the persistent claims that the racecourse can’t be sold. It all indicates that the public has a stake in this piece of land.”

CPRA believes there is enough evidence to warrant an investigation into the sale process.

“Where there’s trust property there must be a trust deed,” said Ms Faulkner. “Why wasn’t it declared during the sale process? All parties concerned should take this very seriously. We’ve done our homework.”

Trust deeds that specify a dedicated use for land transferred from one owner to another are not uncommon. One example is Glenthorne Farm. The O’Halloran Hill property is subject to a trust deed between Adelaide University and the State Government that stipulates it must always be used for agricultural or horticultural purposes. An attempt by the university to subdivide the land to raise funds was thwarted last year when local independent MP Kris Hanna raised public awareness about the trust.

CPRA will maintain its efforts until details of the Cheltenham Park Racecourse trust come to light. “The public has a right to know,” said Ms Faulkner.

Authorised by T White Cheltenham Park Residents Assoc Inc PO Box 5154 Alberton 5014. For more information contact Carol Faulkner 0421 691 604.

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CPRA has requested the trust deed for the Cheltenham Park Racecourse.



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