Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Mark Aldridge, Adelaide’s local community advocate and supporter of our local Farmers and Producers will be joining a team of spirited Aussies to help bring some cheer to our mates doing it hard on the land.

Mark will be backing up Australia’s most wanted Rock & Roll comedian Bruno Lucia, who is setting a challenge to kick the black dog. Are you up for the NATIONAL SHOUT A MATE CHALLENGE?

With the ongoing pressures in our rural communities by elements beyond the control of our fellow men and women both on and off the land SHOUT A MATE ambassador, actor, musician and comedian Bruno Lucia has set the country a challenge.

On the eve of Bruno announcing his first “Bruno Lucia does Melbourne” shows the announcement of the challenge was leaked on social media causing a flurry of activating by people wanting more information.

“Let?s all step out of our comfort zone for a moment and take a look at what is really happening in our own back yard. Our country once “rode off the sheep’s back”, now some of these generational farmers have no sheep left.

So we have to chip in and help. It is what us Aussies do. So, Australia, here is the challenge. 100 shout’s see’s us heading out to a drought affected community. There are a lot of communities affected so we need a lot of shouts” said Bruno.

Bruno goes on to explain: “There is a tsunami of traumatised displaced families leaving the land through no fault of their own. Reality is that we are seeing generations affected here. Typical scenario is Mum and Dad have retired and have moved into town with the property handed to their children who have raised a family to keep it running. That?s 3 generations feeling lost. The businesses in town are finding it tough as there is no money to go around. Depression is rife and that damn black dog keeps barking. We need to kick that black dog and show these communities we “city folk” genuinely do care!

I had the pleasure of meeting Nerida from Aussie Helpers on our trip to Charleville recently where we entertained the community in the local RSL club thanks to generous shouts. Brian and Nerida started Aussie Helpers and have raised over a million dollars to help feed the farmers and animals. We have teamed up with them to feed the farmers souls and give the families some social and mental respite” Bruno added.

The National Shout a Mate challenge will be held on the 3rd week of every month starting in May.

Shout a Mate is run by volunteers and is calling for businesses, clubs and communities who are able to shout and maybe even adopt a town, Bruno will have the support of Mark Aldridge in Adelaide and other advocates across Australia to ensure success.

Shouts can be made via EFT. More information is at

“Shout a Mates” first sponsor “justADmusic” have donated resources including the development and maintenance of a website, managing social media and PR campaigns, office space and personnel. How can you help?

“If we can all do a little bit to help a lot of people will benefit” concluded Bruno.

Mark Aldridge has opened several “Farm Direct” community markets to directly support our local producers, and will use the markets huge success to help raise awareness and support for Shout a mate, because that is what it is all about, Aussies backing up their mates.

To help out please contact Shout a Mate project managers on [email protected]

Bruno Lucia is available for interviews by contacting Anita Donlon on 0407 343 920

Mark Aldridge is available for interviews on 0403379500 / 0403379500


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