Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

"Ah, greed and publicity. You’d think they’d go together. But like water and oil they don’t actually mix." - Brian Johnson, author of The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom

Social media – blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – is something that can make the eyes of marketing types glaze over at the digital rivers of gold that will flow-chart them straight to their audience, even though their message would otherwise have them up the creek without a paddle.

Yes, it’s a great way to hit the bull’s-eye if you’re on the right page, forum, blog or whatever, with the very people you want, right there. But when greed is involved it can smell like another bull specialty.

If we’re going to do social media, let’s do it right. Because it’s what you do when in it, or on it, that counts.

PR WisdomIf you’re going to parade around with a corporatised message in the court of public opinion expect to take some serious knocks. And be prepared to take the opinion of your audience on board. Don’t argue against it.

Blogs can be brutal places where people quite rightly unload on commercial propaganda masquerading as useful info – something they must know or must have.

Their B-S detectors are always on and set to stun. If you’re venturing into the bloggers’ domain make sure your message has worthwhile information.

And if you are trying to flog product via social media it needs to be a ripping bargain – otherwise you could be placing a backfiring target on yourself.

Now this may be from the DOTBO (Department Of The Bleeding Obvious) for many fair readers. But for those who aren’t that familiar with social media – and let’s be honest, most of us are learning as we go along – get someone on board who really understands the technology.

And listen to them.

This advice is drawn from The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom www.prwisdom.info by Brian Johnson, an award-winning journalist and leading PR practitioner.

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