Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Coolest Girl In School, a low budget mobile game for girls independently produced in Adelaide is up against major license based titles in the prestigious Game Developers Australia Association Annual Awards.
Co producers Champagne for the Ladies' Holly Owen and Kukan Studio's Karyn Lanthois were shocked and delighted when they learned their mobile game was nominated for three top awards.
Says Co producer Karyn Lanthois of Kukan Studio: "To be nominated for Best Game, Best Mobile Title and Best Graphics in the company of products that are household names across the globe like The Sims 2 Pets, Need For Speed Pro Street and Looney Tunes Acme Arsenal is amazing - and it shows what can be done from here in South Australia."
Co Producer Holly Owen from Champagne for the Ladies continued: "Coolest Girl In School is the world's first mobile RPG (role playing game) made specifically for girls and the potential audience is huge. Unlike other areas of gaming, well over half (60%) of casual mobile gamers are women but very few games are made for specifically for female audiences.
South Australian company Champagne For The Ladies is one of just two companies in the world focused solely on creating mobile entertainment for female audiences and has also been nominated for an additional Award, Best New Start Up (Adam Lancman Award).
Coolest Girl In School's unique look has been recognised by a nomination for Best Graphics and this aspect of the game once again shows remarkable innovation. Adelaide abstract painter and illustrator Jo Kerlogue's gorgeous graphics combine real and drawn elements creating a visual style that is a departure from the pixilated graphic style common in gaming.
Coolest Girl In School uses uniquely Australian vernacular and is inhabited by bush pigs, bogans, and footy players not hos, red necks or quarter backs.
Says the team: " In a market saturated with ad- branded offerings, patronisingly pinked puzzles, mobilized board games, retro console rip-offs and movie licenses, giving girls a different gaming option made specifically for them is what Coolest Girl In School is all about."
Players with a sound knowledge of coordinating a hot outfit, an expertise in popular culture and even first hand lived experience of being popular aren't assured a high score or even survival. Just like in the real world, high school in Coolest Girl In School is painful, defies logic and is totally unfair!
Holly Owen of Champagne for the Ladies continued "Our aim was never to create something that would achieve the status of Halo 3 but when it comes to fantasy, Coolest Girl in School is like Grand Theft Auto for girls. Coolest Girl in School lets players live out their high school fantasies by inviting them to `Experiment with fashion! Spread rumors! But try to avoid dying of embarrassment- literally! Lie, bitch, flirt your way to the top of the high school ladder. Become the Coolest Girl in School.' It's not stealing cars- it's better - and remember, unlike high school, Coolest Girl In School is just a game a game!
A game it might be - but these local girls have proved they have what it takes to be among the Australia's best.

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Adelaide's Coolest Girls nominated for 3 major awards Gaming's equivalent of the Oscars


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