Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Real-time product enables Australian advertisers to programmatically run geo-targeted laptop, tablet and smartphone ads simultaneously with TV commercials.

Commercial Monitors has officially released MultiSync to Australian advertisers, Agency Trading Desks and Demand Side Platforms (DSP) who wish to reinforce television campaigns through programmatically synchronised online and mobile ads.

Using media identification technology to capture and analyse broadcasts live, MultiSync recognises in real time when TV commercials are broadcast on more than 150 channels across Australia.  Instantly triggering delivery of online and mobile campaigns, it provides a mechanism for advertisers to engage viewers who have moved their focus from TV screens to their laptop, tablet or smartphone during an ad break.

“Multiscreen usage is growing and now an entrenched part of our television viewing habits. Advertisers need the ability to reinforce and enhance TV campaigns to distracted viewers”, says Mark Scatchard, Director Business Development.  “Our ability to confirm within three seconds exactly which TV ads are on air across metro, regional and subscription TV channels means MultiSync clients can programmatically geo-target online and mobile campaigns across Australian markets.”

Commercial Monitors launched a MutliSync feed to Beamly (formerly Zeebox) in early 2013.   Over the last 16 months, MultiSync data has been used to trigger numerous second screen campaigns within the Beamly platform for clients and broadcast partners.

Jimmy Storrier from Beamly said “MultiSync has allowed us to develop solutions that provide immediate engagement for advertisers, removing the usual funnel from impression to action. We’re seeing click through rates on synchronous TV/Beamly advertising experiences that are extraordinarily high, proving that consumers are genuinely interested in contextual experiences based on linear television advertising.“

The MutliSync API ensures clients can trigger multiple second screen contact points, including display banners, text ads, sponsored search, video streaming, recipe downloads, test drive bookings, product purchases, course registration and event bookings.

The official release of MultiSync to the advertising industry includes analysis and measurement using Tarp Tracker from Digital Dialogue, ensuring clients can optimise campaigns for the best ROI.

Tony Loxton from Digital Dialogue says, “Having live TV data is a game changer for the advertising industry.  We have been working with our clients over the last two years using two to four week old data.  Now with MultiSync our clients can see TARP effectiveness and second screen response rates within 24 hours.   Our clients will save millions on ineffective TV media and be able to optimise their media for much higher ROI.”

MutliSync is designed to increase the effectiveness of TV commercials by programmatically synchronising online and offline campaigns, engaging viewers on their second screen devices to drive response. 

Due for release in the coming weeks, the additional synchronisation of radio advertising and TV program content to online campaigns will provide advertiser’s with a comprehensive suite of tools to link broadcast with online.

Case studies and benchmark analysis are scheduled in the coming months to demonstrate key metrics such as engagement, new visitors, conversions and reach.

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Commercial Monitors is the largest Australian advertisement monitoring and intelligence company, operating for 30 years.  Tracking advertising activity across more than 3000 media sources around Australia including radio, television, newspapers, magazines, direct mail, out of home and online.  Our clients include marketers, advertising and media agencies, government, publishers and broadcasters.  Service delivery covers verification, competitive tracking and industry analysis through our leading product AdReview which aggregates creative, spot occurrence data, audience reach, spend analysis and can be combined with third party data sets.

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