Friday, March 26th, 2010
SA politican Jay Weatherill is describing a new look Labor Party full of thoughtful care for its core electors in the west, and committed to listening and responding to community concerns - LET'S START WITH THE CHELTENHAM PARK RACECOURSE, said Henrietta Child, Independent Candidate for Cheltenham.

Ms Child said, "Cheltenham languishes in a sad state of disuse while we wait for the outcome of the court challenge and the inquiry into the SAJC. That's not helping anyone.

"Why not listen to this community (Jay's own electorate), and work out a better solution now - one that sees real useable open space, well designed community space, significant stormwater capture, and maybe we could even find a football team that needs the stadium and facilities?

"We could make the Cheltenham Park Racecourse the Cheltenham Park - as the people who created it originally envisaged."

"We still have time to create a stunning community asset for the existing AND the new residents of the community."

Out here in the west at Cheltenham we 're not convinced by the talk - we've heard it all before.

Ms Child said, "I challenge Jay Weatherill and Mike Rann to prove they mean what they say about listening and paying attention to the community.

"Let's see them repair the terrible wrong done to the electors of Cheltenham. Let us see Jay keep his 2002 election promise to save open space at Cheltenham - then we might be persuaded that things really have changed and Mike and Jay mean it this time. That would be a wonderful outcome for our community and South Australia"
For more information please contact Henrietta Child on 0404 840 449.

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Henrietta Child

Henrietta Child is a long time resident of Woodville North. She is a business owner and employer and the mother of three teenage children. In her professional life, Henrietta has built her own business, KneeDeep a company that specialises in building project management and leadership capability in organisations. She has a profound conviction about working with people to develop their skills, and achieve their best. She is an experienced and entertaining trainer and has worked for many years in the Information Technology Industry and in Management and Leadership Development. Much of her work in the last 10 years has been with fast growth technology and creative companies who need help to organise for growth. Henrietta describes herself as a political moderate, but on the whole she is more interested in how the political process affects communities than in any particular ideology. She strongly believes we should all challenge ourselves to step up when needed if there is a chance we can make a difference. It is this belief that has motivated her to run for Independent for the State seat of Cheltenham, an electorate which she describes as neglected and ignored.
Henrietta Child
P: 0404 840 449


LET'S START WITH THE CHELTENHAM PARK RACECOURSE, said Henrietta Child, Independent Candidate for Cheltenham, South Australia.



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