Friday, March 26th, 2010

FastFingers Typing Service...Your Virtual Admin Assistant in Hendon, SA is throwing its support behind Earth Hour – an annual event coordinated by WWF-Australia to raise awareness of climate change. The campaign aims to encourage councils, households, schools, businesses and organisations to take practical everyday steps to reduce their environmental footprint.

Along with millions of others around the globe, FastFingers Typing Service will ‘power down’ for one hour on Saturday March 27 at 8:30pm by turning off essential lighting and machines and unplugging appliances at the power point.

"The simple act of turning off lights sends a powerful message that if individuals take small steps, collectively we can make a huge difference in reducing our carbon footprint. Mindful of the 2010 Earth Hour motto, ‘Earth Hour, Every Hour’ we’ve committed to long-term goals for sustainability,” said Denise Marron of FastFingers Typing Service.

Whilst turning off lights and other electronic appliances during Earth Hour is a great first step, the idea is to make a commitment beyond the hour. By making some simple and inexpensive changes in the home or business we can encourage our community to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

“Earth Hour is an opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to tackling climate change,” says Greg Bourne, CEO, WWF-Australia. “Earth Hour is driven by citizens and grassroots groups thinking globally and acting locally in the community, and there’s plenty of ways for everyone to get involved.”

During Earth Hour there are number of ways to take advantage of the dark - events will run in cities, towns and municiplities throughout Australia hosted by local businesses, schools, councils and family and friends at home.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007, when more than 2 million people turned off their lights. Since then participants have grown progressively around the world. In 2009 numbers swelled to hundreds of millions as 4189 cities, in 88 countries as well as many of the world’s best know landmarks participated.

It’s easy to get involved:

  1. Sign up to Earth Hour 
    Register your home, business, organisation or school to participate in Earth Hour. To register go to Signing up is absolutely free and you will be provided with an Earth Hour information pack. This also helps us to track who’s in this year.

  2. Measure your environmental impact on the planet
    WWF is asking everyone to make one Earth Hour resolution to reduce their impact – or ‘footprint’ - on the planet on an ongoing basis. Measure yours via the footprint calculator at

  3. Turn off the lights!
    For one hour, Saturday, 27 March 2010 at 8:30pm.

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Earth Hour and WWF-Australia

At 8.30 pm on Saturday 27 March, 2010 millions of people around the world will turn off their lights for one hour, Earth Hour, to show that we can all choose to make a difference. WWF-Australia is encouraging everyone to make one commitment for the year to reduce their impact on the environment. For more information about Earth Hour and to register free, log on to You can find out more about WWF-Australia at their website,


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