Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Launceston software company, Imagination Corporation, has today launched ZippedURL, a free online service to zip or shorten long URLs. The concept is simple. Visit and enter a long URL then press Zip It. ZippedURL will automatically zip or shorten the URL and ZippedURL will provide a permanent redirection to the web page that the original, long URL pointed to.
Avoids URL E-mail Breakage
Many URLs tend to be very long and if you have ever sent or received a long URL in an email message, you may have noticed that it wrapped into two or even three lines. This often breaks the active status of the link and turning it into what Imagination Corporation calls a Humpty Dumpty link. That is, you cannot click on it or copy and paste it into a web browser in one move until the recipient cuts and pastes the link back together again. ZippedURL makes URLs shorter, eliminating these problems.
Hide Affiliate Links
ZippedURL is a useful tool if you are publishing affiliate or third party content on your website and you dont want people to know what the true URL is because it might give away too much information. By Zipping a URL the true source of your affiliate or third party service provider will be hidden from the visitor. Only the address and the automatically generated suffix will be visible.
Zipped URLs Work Best in Internet Communities
It is much more convenient and neater for both the author and reader to post or read zipped URLs in Internet community websites such as chat rooms, discussion boards, online forums and blogs. This is especially true for posting long URL links that online job, map and news sites tend to generate.

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