Friday, March 26th, 2010
Achieving results in search engine optimisation (SEO) can be elusive even for professional SEO companies. Dejan SEO delivered the top position for Fedelta Point of Sale ( on search engine result pages (SERPs) even after months of failed efforts by other SEO companies.

Quality vs. Quantity of links
The key to getting the top spot on Google and other search engines involves building an inventory of incoming links to one’s website. Search engine algorithms interpret these links as types of “votes” from one’s peers on the quality of a particular page or site. A quality link is usually not easy to obtain.

Sites that invite submissions for links and end up listing most of them will not likely provide much value when it comes to search engine results. There is a school of thought that sites that are designed specifically to provide links are easily detectable by search engines. In the same sense, pages in which links are not based on improving search engine results, but on journalistic or similar considerations are given high value by search engines.

However, many SEO companies tend to concentrate on building up large numbers of low level links as the main focus of their strategy.

Dejan SEO focused instead on providing high quality links that are relevant in terms of subject matter and that have the attributes that appeal to search engine algorithms. While the SEO companies that had previously worked with Fedelta Point of Sale sought low-ranking links on web directories, blog comments, and web articles, Dejan SEO used a more analytical approach.

Finding a specific solution for
The first part of the process involved carefully analyzing the Fedelta web site’s internal link potential to get a deeper understanding of the relevant topics involved. Search engines rate links on how closely they match certain keywords. In order to score highly for any specific search term, a page should have linking pages and link text that contain the same or related keywords.

Dejan SEO then looked at Fedelta’s own business partnerships and relationships as possible sources of links, along with soliciting and securing new partnerships with websites in non-competitive industries.

By concentrating more on Fedelta’s specific case, Dejan SEO was able to secure natural high quality links that appealed to the search engines. The result was a breakthrough placing the company’s website in the top spot after months of failed efforts by other companies.


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