Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

50 City of Mandurah staff in diverse roles, in an effort to prevent crime and increase Foresight Security Planning, experts in security risk management, have provided a unique Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) training program for more than community safety in the Mandurah area.

According to the WA and Peel Region Crime statistics soured from the WA Police website, the Peel Region has experienced an increase in verified offences in the four years between the 2009/10 and 2012/13 reporting periods, in line with population increases.

The City of Mandurah proactively engaged Foresight Security to provide the CPTED program to its staff.

A spokesperson for the City of Mandurah said, “This training was an important outcome of the 2011-16 Community Safety and Crime Prevention Partnership Plan, and integral in increasing awareness of basic principles to our staff.”

The training delivered uniquely by Foresight Security Planning extends the principals of CPTED to frontline City employees and consists of interactive workshops to empower selected staff members with knowledge and the ability to identify security and safety risks within their community, recommend improvements and respond appropriately to various safety scenarios.

CPTED is a crime prevention strategy founded on the planning, design and structure of cities and neighbourhoods. It aims to reduce opportunities for crime by using design and place management principles that maximise the risk and effort for offenders such as improved lighting in urban areas at night.

“While CPTED is an important part of urban planning and design, it’s not widely understood in existing environments.  We are bringing this concept to the frontline, the parks and recreation staff, the maintenance staff, office staff and management.  These people give us hundreds of extra trained eyes and ears out on the streets and the City and community can work together to stamp down crime in the Mandurah area,” explained David Turner, founder and CEO of Foresight Security Planning.

“We feel our partnership with the City of Mandurah on this unique crime prevention strategy is best of breed will lead to other Councils adopting a similar training path.” David said.

More than 50 employees participated in the five-hour interactive workshop this month, and the process culminated in participants conducting their own CPTED assessment of a local venue, identifying possible risks and providing recommendations.  Staff will emerge from the training with a heightened security situational awareness and be able to take appropriate action for reporting and recommending improvements for the safety of their community.


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