Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Probiotic, organic cleaners have become the product of choice for home detoxing, offering the safest cleaning option for your home, your health and the environment.

Similar to how probiotic supplements boost our immune system, protecting us from harmful bacteria, probiotic cleaners offer the same benefits for your home.

Probiotic Solutions are leading the way in home detoxing with their chemical- free, probiotic cleaners. Probiotic Solutions feature probiotic formulations including antioxidants, vitamins and bacteriocins, eating germs and harmful bacteria while remaining on the surface to defend against any harmful bacteria returning.

“Most household cleaners use chemicals that remove all bacteria – both the good and bad – leaving space for the bad bacteria to return and grow. Even cleaners claiming to be all natural are still not the safest option for your health and the environment,” said Michelle Perkins, Director of Probiotic Solutions.

“Probiotic cleaners ensure a deep microscopic clean and eliminate odours like no other cleaner.”

Probiotic Solutions offer a range of cleaning products including their Mop Me floor cleaner, Bathroom Bliss cleaner and Anywhere Anytime all-purpose cleaner.

For Mother’s Day, they are offering a special probiotic gift pack, including their Anywhere Anytime spray and wipe and Healthy Hands liquid soap. The gift packs are available for $35 and can be purchased online at or at any leading health store.

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