Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

Presence Communications has launched an eBook to help business professionals fight the urge to ‘chicken out’ of public speaking.

The aptly titled Chicken In eBook explains why the mere thought of public speaking can rob an otherwise confident person of the nerve to present or pitch their ideas to an audience.

The book also offers more than 20 tips for turning fear about public speaking into ‘feeling energetic and ready’.

How to outfox your public speaking fears

Presence Communications Corporate Director and Lead Trainer, Leanne Wyvill, said the book was inspired by a comment she heard during a recent ‘Presenting with Purpose and Passion’ training session.

“It was a glib, throw-away comment from one of the participants in the workshop I was facilitating, but a rather silly image stuck in my mind and I had to explore its meaning further,” Ms Wyvill explained.

“When she said ‘I always want to chicken out when I’m asked to present my ideas to an audience’, I pictured a room full of Chicken Little look-alikes dressed in suits and flying into a panic – it was such a bizarre thought and I knew it wouldn’t leave me until I had answered my own question of ‘why?’”.

After researching the basis of public speaking fears and reflecting on her own presenting experiences, Ms Wyvill said the idea of compiling her knowledge into an accessible book soon took over from the one of flailing feathers.

“I opted for an eBook format to make it easier for the reader to refer back to it whenever they feel their public speaking jitters need settling, even if it’s just before they take the stage.

“It doesn’t matter how many times you speak to an audience, feeling nervous is part of the experience and this is one of the concepts described in the book,” Ms Wyvill said.

The Chicken In eBook can be downloaded from www.presencepresents.com.au from 15 April.

For more information about presenting and public speaking training with Presence, contact Leanne Wyvill on 1300 504 278.

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