Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Brimbank Council has welcomed the State Government’s funding commitment to build the Melbourne Airport Rail Link through Sunshine.

Brimbank Chair of Administrators John Watson said the project cements Sunshine’s regional importance and will provide a vital connection point between Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat through Sunshine to the Airport.

“This is fantastic news for regional Victorians, Melbournians and particularly for Sunshine – this investment will further contribute to the economic uplift of the area.

“We are thrilled Sunshine has been recognised as a key interchange hub for the airport rail link helping it to achieve its potential as one of Melbourne’s great centres.

”Sunshine is undergoing a transformation with current projects like Regional Rail Link, the nine storey Foundry Towers building and Council’s own project for a new Community and Civic Centre significantly changing the landscape of the town centre.

“Unprecedented infrastructure investment and development is establishing Sunshine as the capital of Melbourne’s West building on Plan Melbourne’s recognition of Sunshine as a Metropolitan Activity Centre and National Employment Cluster.

“Brimbank Council has long been advocating and lobbying for Sunshine’s strategic importance to Melbourne’s west be recognised and this announcement is further proof that Sunshine is a thriving economic hub.

“We look forward to more details in the State Budget and are hopeful that a delivery program will also be provided so that we can see this critical project realised as soon as possible.

“As Melbourne continues to extend westward, Sunshine Town Centre will offer critical services to support this growth.

“Sunshine is a true 20 minute city that has a key role in alleviating road congestion on the road network and in the CBD.

“Sunshine is strategically positioned just 12 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD and within a 20 minute drive to Melbourne’s busiest port and to the Melbourne International Airport.

“The development opportunity in Sunshine is unparalleled.  With more than eight hectares of vacant or under developed land close to the railway station, Sunshine Town Centre offers an attractive and affordable development opportunity.

"The town centre has the capacity to provide increased employment, education, health and retail and commercial services to service the western region of Melbourne which is the fastest urban area in Australia.


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