Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

South Australian Young Entrepreneur Scheme (SAYES) graduate David Sherwell has launched his latest venture, One Clique, to deliver ethical, reliable digital marketing services to small to medium businesses.

The digital marketing agency, based in Adelaide but serving clients around Australia, is combatting misleading information in the marketplace which leaves some customers disappointed with the results.

"You'll find no smoke and mirrors at One Clique," Mr Sherwell says.  "Our goal is to eliminate the ambiguous approach often associated with digital marketing."

Mr Sherwell highlights some typical misleading marketing ploys:

Guaranteeing results
"Beware of agencies that guarantee results - the fine print may only note a 10% improvement in rankings," Mr Sherwell says. 

Black hat or other unethical methods
"Some black hat techniques give the client an instant online boost, but when Google detects the method, it will blacklist the site and basically block the site from appearing in search engine results." 

Contract lock-ins

"Quite often clients are locked into contracts. We are totally reliant on our ability to secure customer retention."

'Churn and burn'

"Unethical agencies promise what they cannot deliver. They tend to outsource a majority of the the work overseas, without any real consideration of the effect on the client, their investment and misconception of how they will benefit from SEO, Adwords or search marketing. Digital marketing is not the be-all and end-all. It's a channel."

One Clique employs a team of professional Google Adwords campaign managers, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists, and search marketing boffins.

"Today's online universe requires a broad range of skills and SMEs in particular find this challenging and expensive," Mr Sherwell says.  "Our customers typically want to increase the volume of their sales leads, subscriptions, online sales and brand awareness."  

Research shows the relevance of digital marketing in all its forms throughout Australia:

  • The average Australian spends approximately 44 hours browsing the Internet per month (Source: Nielsen)
  • Around 60% of Australians browse the Internet while watching television (Source: ACMA)
  • Over 50% of consumers do their product research online before committing to a purchase (Source: IAB)
  • Email is the most popular online marketing tool used in Australia because at least 80% of Australians check their emails every morning (Source: Australian Policy Online/Marketing Magazine)
  • 72% of all Australian small business owners believe social media to be a viable marketing tool (AIMIA)
  • With 81% of Australia's companies making use of the service, SEO is the second biggest online marketing tool in the country (Source: Marketing Magazine)

"Each and every part of One Clique's process is measurable and trackable, which means that our clients are never left in the dark," Mr Sherwell says. 

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One Clique

One Clique is an Australian based digital marketing company. One Clique is an integegrated agency with a strong focus on providing professional SEO services and Google Adwords management. What seperates One Clique from the competition is a strong return on investment focus and a performance driven approach, making digital marketing accessible to small to medium sized businesses in Australia. 

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