Monday, April 14th, 2014

Waterfind announces the start of the Australian Water Tender. The Australian Water Tender, initiated by Waterfind, consists of two phases.

The first phase of the tender, which started on 10 April 2014, will focus on bringing clients interested in selling permanent water parcels to the market. Clients interested in selling their permanent water entitlement will fill in an Expression of Interest (EOI) document which can be obtained from Waterfind. The last day for receiving the EOI, for the sellers’ phase, is Monday, 28 April 2014 by 5:00pm CST.

The second phase of the tender commences on 29 April, and will focus on bringing interested permanent water buyers into the market for the purpose of matching the consolidated parcels for sale.

The last day when interested buyers can submit an EOI document is Friday, 16 May 2014 by 5:00pm CST.

The purpose of the tender is to give sellers the opportunity to optimise the sale price of their permanent water entitlements and give buyers the option to get ready for the 2014/2015 water year, ensuring access to start-of-season water security allocations .

The company seeks to engage a large pool of buyers and sellers through a 6-week large-scale public marketing campaigns in targeted regions across the country.

Waterfind has made the process simple by offering three ways in which Expressions of Interest can be submitted:

  • fax to: 1800 890 248,
  • email to: [email protected] (with subject line “AWT Seller” or “AWT Buyer”)
  • or, phone call on 1800 890 285 (Free Call) and we can accept your EOI verbally.


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