Thursday, March 25th, 2010
NSW Lotteries Corporation has implemented the latest version of the Quantum suite of service management software so it interoperates with an Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system to provide a single point of contact for the Corporation’s 1600 retailers across NSW and the ACT.

The initiative was part of a 12 month project to extend Lotteries services to its customers, both internal and external.

The Corporation depends on the Quantum suite of service management software, from Sydney company Support Solutions Technologies, to manage a call centre that is the focal point for its retailers who sell a range of gaming products. These include Lotto, Powerball, Lucky Lotteries and Instant Scratchies, the revenue from which provides for a wide range of community services.

Introduced initially for the IT help desk, the Quantum software has become an essential management tool for NSW Lotteries says help desk and web support manager, Colin Hadland.

Quantum is designed for the efficient management of all aspects of service, support and customer contact. Its modules support the processes and workflows for handling service requests, customer assistance and operational problems of all types.

“Quantum is essential to ensuring the smooth operation of our call centre and the provision of service and support, whether it is to our agents or to our staff when they encounter IT problems,” Mr. Hadland said.

Formerly agents had directories of between 30 and 40 telephone numbers of Lotteries staff to call, depending on the issue.

In addition to the internal IT infrastructure which serves its staff, NSW Lotteries has deployed more than 10,000 hardware assets around the state to serve its agents. The assets include in-store terminals and associated communications equipment. Among its many functions Quantum records details of these assets as well as managing information about their deployment and activation in an agent’s premises.

Each day Quantum logs an average of between 500 and 600 calls, a figure that may well spike dramatically, as was the case in mid 2009 when the national prize pool for OzLotto climbed to $106 million.

When it was initially deployed in the call centre, Quantum was only used to log technical questions. Other calls were logged into an Access database which, however, had limited reporting capabilities. Mr. Hadland said it was decided to log all calls into Quantum and to support only one system.

“We are now better able to shape our business because of the improved levels of information we can extract from Quantum.

“Our business decisions are based on detailed information that is much more accessible. We have a web-based application we call an agency portal which brings together all information to provide a complete picture of each of our agencies. The agency portal interoperates with Quantum to extract information from the Quantum database and make it available to call centre operators.

“For example, we use the Quantum remarks screen to streamline and simplify how our call centre staff engages with our agents and their staff. If an agent has been with us for say, less than 12 months, the call centre operator is advised of this and keeps the dialogue at a level appropriate to that agent’s familiarity with our systems and products,” Mr. Hadland said.

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