Monday, April 7th, 2014

A new digital marketing company is making its mark in Australia. Less than 12 months ago, One Clique was simply one man's idea. Today, this full-fledged company strives to make successful digital marketing feasible for even small and medium businesses in Australia. 

Company founder David Sherwell is a two time graduate from the South Australian Young Entrepreneur Scheme (SAYES), and he has already successfully built and sold one successful business in Australia. For his most recent venture, though, he has returned to his background in software development, digital marketing, SEO and SEM. From its base in Adelaide, One Clique will make digital marketing accessible and affordable to businesses across Australia. 

Digital marketing is more important to businesses today than ever before. More Australians are using online research before they purchase products or engage services, and more retail sales are happening online than ever before. In addition, as mobile devices become more popular, the importance of digital marketing optimised for these browsers increases. 

Just a few of the statistics that show this include:

- Online sales topped 7 per cent in Australia during December 2013, and the growth is forecasted to continue. Before 2017, they are expected to reach 9.8 per cent of all retail sales according to Frost & Sullivan's July 2013 report on online shopping in Australia and New Zealand.

- More people are using their smartphones and tablets to do research and make purchases, as well. Mobile optimised content is critical for just over half of all respondents to the Roy Morgan Research study, who say they make purchases regularly from their mobile phone or tablet. 

- Even if they are not buying from their phone, Australians use their smartphones for research before a purchase. About 79 per cent said they used a mobile device to compare products, according to Telstra's October 2013 report.

- In fact, almost 9 out of every 10 Australians say they research a purchase on the Web before they buy it, even if they plan to buy it in the store, according to a recent study published by Roy Morgan Research. 

One Clique is filling this need for companies across Australia. The integrated digital marketing agency One Clique offers a wide range of services to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large multinational corporations. These services are specifically designed to increase the company's online visibility in order to generate sales leads, boost online sales and raise brand awareness. While One Clique's specialty is search marketing through professional SEO services and Google Adwords management -- they also pair these services with other performance driven digital marketing solutions for a comprehensive approach to marketing online. Secondary services can include social media, email marketing and content creation for the Web.

Focusing on return on investment and using a transparent approach instead, One Clique shies away from a lot of the current popular approach to digital marketing. Clients can expect open and honest tactics, and no fluff. Results are always measurable, and scalable. That is the One Clique approach. According to One Clique, if the return on investment cannot be seen quickly, calculated and repeated, the strategy is not the best one for the job. To learn more, please visit One Clique on the Web at

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One Clique

One Clique is an Australian based digital marketing company. One Clique is an integegrated agency with a strong focus on providing professional SEO services and Google Adwords management. What seperates One Clique from the competition is a strong return on investment focus and a performance driven approach, making digital marketing accessible to small to medium sized businesses in Australia. 

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