Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

A fresh face on the Australian digital marketing scene, One Clique, is saying “so long” to Facebook and other social networking and social media sites when it comes to placing them at the heart of effective channels to acquire new customers. 

The innovative digital marketing agency for small and medium sized business enterprise focuses on cutting-edge, innovative SEO strategies and professional, effective Google Adwords management to boost the flow of new customers to a client.

“Facebook is fabulous for posting images of kittens tottering about with balls of string, for sharing tidbits about the mischievous machinations of reality show programme stars and swapping selfies of mates in pubs,” says David Sherwell, director of One Clique. 

“The same holds true for many other social networking websites. What is also apparent at this time is that Facebook, and its social media cohorts, simply do not make the mark when it comes to consistently reliable results in the realm of new customer acquisition for small and medium sized businesses or larger corporate ventures,” Mr Sherwell says. “This does not mean that social media should not be included in a comprehensive marketing programme. However, effective marketing is not based on social media alone.”

Facebook announced that it hosts 1.23 billion active users who post 4.5 billion "Likes" each and every day. Although these are extraordinary statistics, the vast numbers of active Facebook users are not becoming patrons of businesses that use the social networking site as an advertising base. 

Mr Sherwell says, “In other words, billions of Facebook 'Likes' do not necessarily translate into a reliable means of customer acquisition for businesses in Australia, or anywhere else in the world. Indeed, for a considerable time after its IPO, the executives at Facebook were flummoxed trying to figure out how to implement even the basics of a marketing scheme for businesses. Facebook continues to struggle to develop a programme that provides more uniformly effective business oriented advertising.”

Google Adwords illustrates the disparity in effectiveness between the strategies employed by One Clique and those available through Facebook. The average click-through rate of Google Adwords is at approximately 2 percent. On the other hand, the click-through rate at Facebook is a strikingly low 2/10ths of a percent.

One Clique is a fully integrated digital marketing agency that provides a comprehensive array of professional services to clients. One Clique never takes a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach to its services. Rather, the firm formulate strategies that meet the specific needs, goals and objectives of an individual client. In addition, One Clique develops online marketing solutions that provide a client with scalable, tangible and measurable results.

Although One Clique specialises in SEO and Google Adwords campaign management, the Australian digital marketing agency provides a full array of complementary services. These include email marketing, digital copywriting and content creation. The professional team at One Clique ensures that these alternative services and solutions are undertaken to enhance each other for maximum impact and enhanced new client recruitment.

One Clique is committed to developing unique solutions that not only generally attract new customers, but can also be focused to include generation of sales leads and to increase overall brand awareness. A solution can be designed to address the need to increase the sale of products or the engagement of services offered by a particular business enterprise.

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One Clique is an Australian based digital marketing company. One Clique is an integegrated agency with a strong focus on providing professional SEO services and Google Adwords management. What seperates One Clique from the competition is a strong return on investment focus and a performance driven approach, making digital marketing accessible to small to medium sized businesses in Australia. 

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