Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
Sydney, NSW - 24 March, 2010 - Portrait Software, a leading provider of customer interaction software, has underwritten a research report that demonstrates how best-in-class companies gain improvements in customer retention and operating profits. By using predictive analytics companies can move closer to predicting the future behavior of customers to increase sales revenue, provide more accurate profit forecasting and yield higher customer retention rates - which is 93% for Best-in-Class companies. Portrait is offering a complimentary copy of the Aberdeen Group report: “Predictive Analytics: The Right Tool for Tough Times”.

The report highlights how:
• Best-in-Class Performance companies drive incremental sales through improved targeting
• Predictive technologies help drive decisions in real-time
• Best-in-Class companies empower business users to use predictive models and tools without the assistance of dedicated statistical modelers

According to David White, Research Analyst at Aberdeen Group, “Improving the targeting of marketing programs will lead to incremental sales and a reduction in marketing costs. By focusing campaigns in this way, programs can immediately realize greater campaign ROI, increased relevancy, greater cross sell and improved retention.”

Even the most sophisticated response and churn modeling has been proven to mistakenly target individuals that will buy anyway, will never buy or even react negatively to the marketing message – wasting valuable marketing monies and causing irreparable damage to the customer experience.
Portrait offers marketers a free online service where they can check on the health of their last campaign, uncovering budget savings and incremental revenue hiding within the campaign. With the input of just a few pieces of campaign data, a campaign checkup report will be generated so that companies can see the potential impact to campaign results:

“This report endorses the high performance gains that our global customers have achieved when using predictive techniques such as 40% reduction in mailing volumes, a 5-fold increase in campaign ROI and a 36% improvement in retention compared to using traditional analytics,” said Kieran Kilmartin, Group Marketing Director, Portrait Software. “Portrait’s Uplift solution empowers organizations to go beyond traditional analytic segmentation and focus marketing efforts on only those customers that will react positively to a message – while weeding out those that will buy anyway, will never buy, or could react negatively,” he added.

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