Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Korean Auatralia which is majority owned by South Korean Government has proposed an underground coal mine to be situated in the Gosford region approxmaitely five kilometers west of the entrance.Kores Australia has said that the mining would only take place beneth 6% of the water cathchment area, would be well clear of any water stroge facuilties and was not expected to damage nearby rivers or aquifers.
The proposed site of the mine is also an important water source of the area,supllying about 50% of the catchments for the CEntral Coast. The drought is affecting the region so badly that there has been consideration form councils to install temporay desalination plants,dam levels are down by approxmately 13.9%
The town of Gosford is encourgaed to have a say in this project as this will be affecting the homes and the enivironment of Gosford residents.
A meeting at town hall will be held and everyone is encouraged to attend to help disgus this matter.

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The residents of Gosford says "No thanks" to the Wallarah 2 Coal Project


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