Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017


  • Virgin Care 5 Year Contract Executed – Rollout commenced in UK
  • New distribution channels highlight health care opportunities in USA
  • Rision approached with Asian market opportunities
  • Andrew Dale appointed as new CEO and management team in place
  • Technology capability significantly enhanced with multiple product enhancement in pipeline plus potential API integration
  • Company conservative monthly case burn maintained

Rision Limited (ASX:RNL) (“Rision” or “the Company”): The Company is delighted with the company’s

turnaround post the board changes in August 2016. The highlight for the March Quarter. was the

signing of the Virgin Care Limited (“VCL”) 5 year contract. The relationship with VCL facilitates the roll

out of RNL’s electronic rostering solution to VCL’s staff situated throughout its operations in the

United Kingdom and has the potential to grow the profile of the RNL product in other businesses

within the Virgin Group. This validates the Rision technology as a major enterprise solution within the

global health sector and has enabled the company to penetrate the health sector in multiple countries.

Mr. Andrew Dale, the newly appointed CEO commented “the Virgin Care contract underlines the

strength of our value proposition within the health sector. We have already seen the benefit of this

contract within our US team as they have experienced a significant uplift in expressions of interest

with multiple trials underway. We believe we will be able to advise the market of new US client

acquisitions in coming months which will include revenue accretive announcements.”

Mr Dale continued “from a revenue perspective, Virgin Care also represents the first significant

enterprise client for the company. Notwithstanding that there will be a ramp up phase, a single staff

or user represents approximately $A40.00 p.a. under the current exchange rate (Virgin Care contract

terms is £0.50 per user per week). Given the size or number of staff within Virgin, we see Virgin as a

major revenue source for the company for the next 5 years and hopefully beyond.”

Over the March Quarter, the company has been approached and aggressively explored partnership

opportunities within the Asian market. These partnerships include product enhancements through

API integration, potential joint venture opportunities including potential new funding opportunities and

market access. All potential partners bring existing distribution and existing clients. Management

believe that the company will be able to update the market on these opportunities in comings months.

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Company Chairman Adam Serakowski commented “Following a lengthy restructure process that has

lead to significant cost reductions, the Company now has in place its first substantial commercial

agreement and a platform on which to drive growth. The appointment of Andrew Dale provides RNL

with a CEO concentated on profitable commercial outcomes which we strongly believe will ultimately

bring shareholder value. Andrew’s effect has been immediate as hehas already opened doors into

the US and Asian markets and bought a renewed focus and energy for the company.”

The company decision to bring the technology development back in house has had a material positive

impact on technology integration and development. New client acquisition time lines have been

reduced significantly given the ability to address new client concerns immediately. Mr Dale said, “not

only are we more effective, efficient and saving money but we are also providing a better customer


Operationally, the Board is aware of the cash position of the company. The company is expecting

cashflows to be received from R&D and EMDG refunds and is also exploring several options

regarding short term funding and is confident this will be completed in the coming weeks.

The June Quarter will be dominated by the drive to revenue and to capitalise on the momentum

generated within the Healthcare sector and the Company look forward to updating the market of

future achievements.


For more information contact:

Andrew Dale +61 447 232 888

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Rision is a mobile technology platform to help businesses manage and support their employees.

Rision has applications across a broad range of industries including hospitality, fast food, retail, event

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