Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Sydney, April 2nd, 2014. It’s no secret that China is a burgeoning global economy, with its citizens attaining more and more wealth and buying power. Less well-known is the fact that China is the world’s largest digital economy, with 618 million users, who during 2013 did online transactions for over CNY$1,850 billion – around AUD$335,000 million. This stat becomes all the more significant in comparison to Australia’s 20 million internet users.


But how can that gold mine be reached when it is surrounded by an unconquerable firewall? An Australian agency has now unlocked the tool.


Lined Media, an independent digital agency with offices in Sydney and Melbourne, has closed an exclusive deal with leading Chinese digital agency, Zoom Interactive, to offer Australian companies access to the China online market. The deal has been backed by Baidu, Chinese Google’s equivalent, giving exclusive reseller rights to the joint venture in Australia.


“What it means to Australian enterprises is that they now have a partner on both sides of the wall. Locally, they have a team that speaks their language and understands their brand and objectives. In the field, they have a group of Chinese experts that will adapt the strategy we design in Australia to China context, and will make it work. This, plus our advanced PPC intelligent advertisement systems, and access to all the search engines across China, comprise a unique proposition never seen before in the country,” said General Manager at Lined Media, Russell Banks.


In 2013, Australian firms in China indicated they were more profitable than the previous year. In a survey of their business outlook, conducted by the Australian Chamber of Commerce in China and Austrade, 83 per cent of respondents affirmed to have an optimistic view of the coming year's business in China.


Eight in ten enterprises were optimistic about the overall outlook for the Chinese economy, an improvement on the results of the previous survey in 2012. However, key obstacles to growth in China remained, including a shortage of skilled staff and continuing issues with the regulatory environment.


Along that line, many businesses find it difficult to access online advertising in China, especially when they try to reach that market from Australia. The requirements are ceaseless: a Chinese website, a Chinese business license, a Certificate of Authorization, and a big budget for English-Chinese translation. This also creates the risk of losing content and meaning during the translation process.


With this partnership, Lined Media aims to offer exclusive access to China’s digital market, in shorter time and with better results. “You could say that we are turning the tables on the current state of affairs and mining China,” said Banks.


Lined Media expects to sell AU$1 million in 2014 with this new product, an ambitious goal that Banks describes as “incredibly exciting.” The entrepreneur, with long tracked experience in Australian and European markets, affirms, “It is a privilege to be able to give Australian businesses unique access to the lucrative Chinese market.”


Let the mining commence.

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