Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Animato Strings’ Dietrich Lasa is pleased to introduce the Horace Bow Guide to Australia.

'Many beginner students have immense trouble keeping their bow straight and in the correct position' Dietrich Lasa said.

While the Horace Bow Guide helps to keep the bow aligned and at the appropriate position, the clever design allows full movement over all four strings and does not impede the strings from vibrating. A unique accessory on the market, the Horace Bow Guide not only corrects the students’ bow placement in the short term, but as the arm becomes familiar with the correct position, the bow guide assists in learning the proper posture and angle.

“I am happy to be bringing the bow guide to Australia as I know this is a problem many students face,” Mr. Lasa said, “this accessory makes sure the right arm will learn the right movement.”

The Horace bow guide is available for violins, violas and cellos. This accessory can fit more than one size instrument and is easy to transfer.

"Animato Strings offers a special introductory price of $29.95 for any Horace Bow Guide, but this price cannot be maintained as the production costs are significantly higher than one would assume. It is a very specialized product." Mr Lasa said.


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