Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

A recent report found that remedying Australia’s national skill shortage needs to start in primary schools - and Enabled and That Science Gang believe they’ve found just the way to do it.

Adelaide, SA, March, 2010-- Adelaide companies, Enabled Solutions and That Science Gang, are developing an interactive whiteboard science education program to equip primary school teachers to teach science in a revolutionary way - and are expecting to release the pilot lesson in mid May this year.

Backed by RiAus, SA FilmCorp and Leedall Presentation Systems, the science program responds directly to the findings of the recent review commissioned by the Group of Eight universities, which demonstrated that students are losing interest in maths and science in primary school, resulting in a national skills shortage in areas such as engineering, statistics and economics. The review urges that primary school teachers be given more resources to make maths and science ‘fun’ and ‘exciting’ for their students.

Grant Hull, director of Enabled Solutions, the cross-platform creative multimedia company producing the program, said, “We knew that there was a vital need for this kind of thing when we started the development in 2009, but it’s nice that the Group of Eight’s research corroborated this. Many science teachers have very limited resources and don’t even have science training - it’s far from an ideal situation, but it is a very real one. The science education program we’re working on is linked to curriculum and meets teachers practical needs, while transforming what a science lesson looks like for the students.”

The material for the program is being developed by That Science Gang, a not for profit educational organisation, headed up by David Lampard from the tv series Y?, that has been addressing the growing need for quality and innovative professional science communication in Australia for a number of years, and currently present annual programs to in excess of 25,000 students, teachers and members of the public. They believe their heavy involvment with primary schools and science communication has given them a solid foundation to create a truly useful resource, and evidently, RiAus agree.

Details of the project are currently being kept confidential, and Grant declined to elaborate: “All I can say is that it’s very practical, very fun, and very interactive.”

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