Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Australian Ambassador to the U.S., Senior Trade Consul to Attend

WASHINGTON – Representative from the Angel Resource Institute (ARI) and the Australian Association of Angel Investors (AAAI) will sign the contract to expand ARI’s research to include angel investors and entrepreneurs in Australia at 2:30p.m. Wednesday, March 26. The Australian Ambassador to the U.S. and the Senior Trade Consul will attend the signing held during the International Exchange Summit at the Washington Hilton.


“ARI has worked with AAAI for years, and we are excited to formally partner with them on the Halo Report: Australia,” said ARI Chairman Michael Cain. “Angel investing is a global market, and now our research will reflect that same internationalization.”


This agreement formalizes the collaboration of ARI, a nonprofit dedicated to angel investing research and education, with AAAI, the sole source of angel investing research in Australia. ARI’s Halo Report is a quarterly survey of angel investors that illuminates trends in angel investing. AAAI will lead the collection, analysis, and dissemination of the report in Australia. By agreeing to work together on the Halo Report, the AAAI and ARI are solidifying the foundation for an expanding global collaboration that will deliver consistent data about angel investing activities internationally. This standardized data will enable investors, policy makers, and entrepreneurs to make meaningful comparisons across national and economic borders.


“The AAAI has earned its seat at the table with the international leadership of the angel community,” said AAAI Chairman Jordan Green. “With the characteristic initiative and innovation of the Aussie entrepreneur, the AAAI has championed the growth of angel investing in Australia. Better information will empower better investment decisions and thus, greater success for the companies in which we invest.”


The AAAI has been an informal partner with ARI for seven years. The organizations have shared educational programs, and in 2009, the AAAI was the first organization outside the USA to be certified by ARI for the delivery of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation's Power of Angel Investing series of seminars and workshops.

About ARI

The Angel Resource Institute, founded in 2006, is an innovative nonprofit that focuses on delivering top-notch education on proven best practices in angel investing to both entrepreneurs and investor, as well as providing the most robust data trends in angel investing through the quarterly ARI Halo Report. ARI is expanding its research initiatives to countries such as Australia, India, Canada, Scotland, and England, with global education workshops already delivered in Brazil, Turkey, Australia, Hong Kong, Poland, England, Mexico, Indonesia, Canada, New Zealand, and Singapore. For more information about ARI, visit

About AAAI:

The Australian Association of Angel Investors Limited (AAAI) is a not-for-profit company providing a national voice to the early-stage investment community in Australia. The AAAI undertakes community based activities to grow early stage investment capability and capacity. The AAAI provides expert information and resources, peer-to-peer collaboration and internationally-recognized professional development programs to Angel Investors and entrepreneurs. It facilitates access to active national and international networks that enable improved access to follow-on capital, markets and mentoring for emerging businesses. As the professional association for early-stage investors in Australia the AAAI is the only persistent source of research into Angel investing activity in the country.


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