Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

An innovative website that connects students with local tutors and music teachers in Australia has been launched. The Tutor Field Australia website is an excellent tool for parents when searching for a perfect tutor for their children in the local area. One of the main advantages of using the website is that parents can search for tutors according to their qualifications, such as looking for a tutor with a Masters degree. The other benefit is the website allows parents to add tutors and compare their hourly rate and experience in a clear table format. 

Tutor Field Australia believes that the website is the bridge between parents, students and local tutors. It is not just a tutors directories but also inviting tutors to share their experience, study tips and other useful information regularlly with students and the younger generation. The materials are free to access for students and parents in Australia.

The website,, launched a month ago and has 75 tutors registered on the website. They expect the number of tutors will grow rapidly once they have built up the reputation in the local tutoring industry. 

Below are some of the topics that have been covered this month (written by experienced tutors/ music teachers):

• "What should private tutors prepare before the first lesson? And how to identify students' strengths and weaknesses and formulate the right study plan? 

• Should my child or I sit music exams?

• Flute Lesson 1 - So You Want To Learn the Flute? 

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Tutors Field Australia

Welcome to Tutors Field Australia, the best way to find a tutor.

Tutors Field Australia (ABN 63 167 342 878) gives students of all ages and subjects immediate access to the talents of tutors across Australia.

Tutors Field Australia makes it easier for students and parents to find and contact tutors according to subjects, qualifications, postcodes, gender and fees. You can search and compare tutors for free. No log in is required.

If you are a tutor, you can easily register and then promote your services on this site with a professional profile that highlights your experience and qualifications. You can also include links to your own website and to YouTube clips of yourself tutoring. Click rate and other metrics are available for you to measure your success.

The Tutors Field Australia Team is excited to be part of the education of Australian students and the careers of Australian tutors. Students, parents and tutors can contact us directly and quickly with any questions and comments.


The Tutors Field Australia Team

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