Monday, March 22nd, 2010
KeyInvest has announced the purchase of a large parcel of land in the regional city of Horsham, Victoria, where development of an exciting retirement village to be known as Wimmera Lodge is now underway.

Long term plans allow up to 88 homes to be developed in two stages under the ownership and management of KeyInvest and represents their first development of a retirement living village project in Victoria.

KeyInvest’s Managing Director, Mr Ian Campbell, said Wimmera Lodge will offer
quality two and three bedroom energy efficient retirement homes set amongst beautifully maintained, water wise gardens. A Community centre featuring indoor and outdoor eating areas, fitness room and library will offer residents the perfect location to catch up with friends and family. Plans for on-site caravan parking, a workshop and large vegetable garden exist as the village expands.

Villas are expected to be priced from the low $200,000’s making this an exceptional value for money lifestyle.

“Each of the villas will provide high quality retirement living accommodation a few minutes from Horsham’s main street,” Mr Campbell said.

“Over the coming years Wimmera Lodge will provide fantastic opportunities for retirees to enjoy brand new, affordable homes and also provide a boost for businesses and employment.

“Harrington Homes, CHS electrical and Midbrook construction are just a few of the local businesses that will be involved in the development of Wimmera Lodge.”

“KeyInvest already has popular villages in five sites across South Australia and we are excited to develop a similar offering in Horsham”.

“Location within close proximity to the local community, transport and health facilities is an increasingly important consideration in retirement living. Residents want to stay connected with their community as well as maintaining their independence. This is what we offer in our other villages and wish to replicate in Horsham.”

This site, once fully developed, will boost KeyInvest’s total retirement living portfolio to around 400 retirement homes in six locations.

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As an experienced retirement village owner / operator, KeyInvest has been involved for over 25 years in the retirement village industry with villages across South Australia in Woodside, McLaren Vale, Beaumont, St Georges and St Morris. KeyInvest is a Friendly Society (established in 1878 as IOOFSA) and provides financial services including Investment and Funeral Bonds and is one of the largest provider of mortgage broking and commercial finance broking services in South Australia with offices also in Queensland and the Northern Territory.
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