Sunday, March 16th, 2014

At New Concept Technologies (NCT), our topmost priority is to develop high quality switch, billing and VoIP solutions for any kind of business.  Our VoIP software can be used by  ITSPs, corporate entities and government  and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). We offer a turn-key system for ITSPs and other corporate organizations without the need of any third party applications.

Our solutions are highly scalable, user friendly, modular, flexible, and integrated with a mature VoIP billing system, provisioning system, auto-configuration system and variety of other advanced features. Our products are compatible with any  SIP based application/equipment manufactured around the world. 

Using our aTel Class 4/5 softswitch, ITSPs can offer carrier/wholesale services, residential VoIP and calling card services, conferencing solution, voice broadcast, PBX with advanced features, fax solutions, call center with integrated CRM tool, auto/predictive dialer, bulk SMS marketing, chat software, voice termination, mobile application (Android and iOS), click-to-call solution and other “add ons” without any need for third party applications.

Since inception, our strategic advantages have been xpertise, creativity and technical competence.  We enable ITSPs to deliver the highest  levels of  performance and quality using our carrier grade, reliable and scalable systems.

Our passion at  NCT is to facilitate wise teechnology investments that provide a measurable return on investment of our clients.

Whether you are  a start-up, existing VoIP company, industries, hotels, airlines, government  and non-government institutions, just any business; we have a solution for you.  All our products are customizable and can be branded in our clients name/logo.  

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