Monday, March 22nd, 2010
Three of the world’s leading motivational and personal development speakers will headline a new conference series to be launched on the Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney from 1-9 May.

The brainchild of Perth-based personal development company Stem Group, the Transform Your Life conferences will teach attendees how to beat procrastination and improve productivity, how to reduce stress and increase efficiency, how to build wealth and enjoy prosperity, and how to turn a vision into a reality.

Sharing their insight and experiences at the series of one-day conferences will be Contiki Holidays founder John Anderson, mind language expert Terry Hawkins and Thought Leaders creator Matt Church.

Stem Group’s Managing Director, Stuart Cattanach said Transform Your Life was designed to bring the benefits of personal development to a much wider audience.

“Due to the exorbitant price of tickets, personal development conferences and seminars are often only attended by the wealthy or those working for large corporate organisations,” said Cattanach.

“The concept behind Transform Your Life is to assemble a world-class lineup of inspirational speakers, yet keep the cost of attendance within reach of all Australians from young adults through to retirees.”

Attendees at the inaugural conference series will learn how to turn their passion into a business from one of Australasia’s greatest entrepreneurs, John Anderson.

Anderson founded Contiki Holidays in 1962 because – at the age of 22 – he wanted to travel Europe but did not have enough money. Today, Contiki is an international brand name and a $300 million business.

In her Transform Your Life presentation, Terry Hawkins will explain why is it that some people achieve great success, regardless of the hardships they have faced, and others fall into a heap at the slightest sign of negativity.

One of the most sought-after speakers in Australia and New Zealand, Hawkins is a mind language expert and a pioneer in developing programs and presentations that support teams and individuals in finding their ‘gap’ and achieving their goals.

Matt Church’s conference session will look at the drivers of peak performance and show attendees how to take control of their body chemistry and use it to perform at their best.

A celebrated speaking professional, bestselling author and creator of the global Thought Leaders program, Church has published articles and books covering a range of topics from health to motivation, lifestyle and communication.

“After spending a day in the company of speakers such as John, Terry and Matt, conference attendees will walk away with the tools, ideas and confidence to commence a new path in life,” said Cattanach.

Transform Your Life will be held at Conrad Jupiters – Gold Coast on Saturday 1 May, Perth Convention Centre on Sunday 2 May, Melbourne Convention Centre on Saturday 8 May, and Sydney Convention Centre on Sunday 9 May. For more information or to register visit

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