Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Australian e-commerce innovator thereitis is helping Australian men’s fashion brand yd. launch its March lookbook using the innovative thereitis Interactive Display.

thereitis overcomes the online retail challenge of displaying product catalogues and collections to interactively increase shopper engagement, conversion and spend. Shoppers can use any connected device to swipe, zoom and spin to view different aspects of a product range, and click through to buy.

thereitis CEO Nigel Standish said the Interactive Display experience was immersive, presenting yd.’s lookbook in a stunning visual display not previously possible online.

“We could not have a better scenario for showcasing thereitis – a cutting edge fashion brand that appeals to young men aged 18-25 years who have, or aspire to have, a fast urban lifestyle and who like to stand out from the crowd,” Standish said. 

“The technology mimics the real-world shopping experience where products ‘catch your eye’ even when you’re not sure what you’re looking for.  thereitis puts the customer in control of the shopping experience – all using the retailer’s existing photography.”

Peter Ratcliffe, Head of Digital at Retail Apparel Group, said of the thereitis Interactive Display

We are always looking for new ways to engage with our customer and when I saw the thereitis Interactive Display, I knew it was perfect for the yd. brand,” Ratcliffe said.

“Showcasing our ‘lookbook’ to our customers online via any device definitely drives our omni-channel strategy. Our customer can purchase the product online instantly or go into their nearest store to try and buy. The technology is simple to use and easy to implement. It certainly gives the wow factor to our latest lookbook!”

The thereitis Interactive Display showcases 37 of yd.’s latest stylish looks featuring tops, pants and suits.

Full height images are displayed in a custom iFrame launched from the yd. looks page. Users can zoom, pan and spin to find the item they want and click on to see the products displayed then make a purchase.

The technology is simple to use – on a desktop you scroll to zoom and drag to rotate; on touch devices you pinch to zoom and swipe to rotate.

About the Technology

thereitis Interactive Display not only increases time on site, but also conversion and average spend, whilst providing an enjoyable experience users look forward to returning to. Interactivity and the display of more images in the one view create an environment that promotes discovery and search. This improved user experience is the key to the improved uplift and metrics for thereitis.

About yd.

Developed from an underground club wear label, yd. has certainly come a long way since its beginning in the back streets of Redfern, Sydney. 

The founders of yd., Todd Trenear and Stephen Lebowitz saw an opportunity to convert the brand into a retail/wholesale business and started yd. Pty Ltd. in July 2001. The company has since embarked on a rapid expansion across the country and yd. now incorporates a national & international retail presence, and a hip boutique account base. 

The brand has successfully developed a loyal and dynamic following, providing a cutting edge range of young men's fashion inspired from around the globe. The company's progressive expansion and ability to always offer something new has positioned yd. as one of the fastest growing men's brand in the country. yd. is part of the Retail Apparel Group (RAG) 

About thereitis

thereitis is an award-winning company that has raised $2 million from private investors and a Proof of Concept Grant from Commercialisation Australia. The company is commercialising a patented Interactive Display that is the result of 10 years research at Flinders University, South Australia. 

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thereitis is an award-winning company that has raised $2 million from private investors and a Proof of Concept Grant from Commercialisation Australia. The company is commercialising a patented 3D Display that is the result of 10 years of research at Flinders University, South Australia. 

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