Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

The Expert Editor has today announced the launch of a new writing competition based on people’s vision for the future. The editing company is offering $1000 in prize money to the best "idea" created on Ideapod related to the theme "#2030".

Entrants must detail their vision for the world in the year 2030, in 200 words or less. They can explore a range of topics, including technological and scientific developments, the state of humanity, the environment, and politics.

A team of judges who will evaluate the ideas, including Gerd Leonhard, a leading Futurist and best-selling author; Katherine Keating, Contributing Editor to The World Post; and Amir Dossal, founder of the Global Partnerships Forum.

Brendan Brown, Director of The Expert Editor, says that the company created the competition to stimulate debate about the future. “Our aim is to generate debate about what the world may look like in the future, get people critically engaged with important ideas and create a community of thinking individuals. Entrants are only limited by their imagination and ability to creatively peer into the future.”

“We’ve chosen Ideapod to host the competition because it’s a social media platform that encourages idea-making”, says Brendan.

Ideapod will enable an unprecedented level of interaction. “We want this to be the most interactive writing competition on the planet. On Ideapod we’ll be able to view each entry as it’s posted, comment on them and establish a conversation based around the ideas”, says Brendan. “This is not only a writing competition, but the chance to create a community based on each person’s vision for the future”.

“Writing a compelling idea in 200 words is also a difficult skill, and entrants will have to be concise and persuasive at the same time”, says Brendan.

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The Expert Editor is a professional editing company based in Australia that specialises in academic editing, book editing and business editing. The team are passionate about ideas and good writing, and are excited about hosting a writing competition based on people’s vision of the future. Visit their website at

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Ideapod is a new social media platform based in which users can create and share ideas that matter to them. It recently launched in beta version and is generating a lot of buzz around the world. Visit http:/// for more information.


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