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It’s time to move on from mining and car manufacture and meet Australia’s next leaders of industry

Sydney, 10 March 2014: “Australia must stop obsessing about industries that are past their use-by date. In 20 years almost all the old world industrial, manual labour jobs will be gone. Australia needs to look ahead to where we can excel – to the ICT sector.” 

So claims Richard White, CEO of WiseTech Global - a multi-award winning, global developer of cloud-based software solutions for the international and domestic logistics industries – in an address today to 35 prospective interns from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) scholarship program.

He believes this elite group of under-graduates are a clear representation of where Australia’s current political and business leaders should be looking to secure our economic future as they “represent the next wave of Australia’s prosperity”.

“With just a small proportion of the money being poured into the car industry, our ICT sector could get the economy humming and independent of a single-industry, boom and bust mentality,” White said.

As WiseTech Global has proven, Australian software companies can be global leaders: “New software can be created wherever the creativity, skills and tools are available. You can be sitting in Alexandria or Port Melbourne and take the best software to the world.

“What we need to get across is that, today and in the future, every business relies on software and smart devices: from the tradie in his ute using his iPad to email client invoices to a global financial corporation.

“Whether a young student has a dream to save lives or simply entertain, they need to know they can achieve their goals via an exciting technology-based career – there are medical systems to invent and games to design,” White said.

Partnerships for an ICT future

Despite small beginnings, WiseTech and its founder Richard White have, for the last 15 years, backed these words with actions and investments. WiseTech’s rapid global growth and success has allowed for expanded investment in programs such as the BIT course.

WiseTech is the largest and one of the longest continuous sponsors of the prestigious UTS BIT. This highly successful cooperative scholarship program runs in conjunction with private enterprise. It provides students with a living wage throughout their course and two, six-month workplace learning opportunities.

“This Degree creates more successful IT entrepreneurs, pro rata, than any other in Australia. We, as a sponsor of this innovative course, are here to mentor the students’ progress and champion their potential,” White concluded.

About WiseTech Global

WiseTech Global is an innovative, multi-award winning global developer of cloud-based software solutions for the international and domestic logistics industries.

Its leading product, CargoWise One, provides the most sophisticated and comprehensive end-to-end logistics solution in the world and forms an integral link in the global supply chain.

From single-office businesses to large multinational companies, including many of the top 100 logistics organisations worldwide, WiseTech’s clients hold more than 100,000 licenses across 5,000 sites in 105 countries.

WiseTech Global was founded in 1994 in Sydney, Australia, with a mission to lead the international logistics industry in technology innovation. The company now employs over 330 staff worldwide with regional headquarters in the US, UK, Singapore, China and Australia.

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