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iFocusBand – 

We've all be been there... the voice

in your head pops up and says….

  • "Don't miss the putt"

  • "Don't forget the sales script"

  • “Stop thinking about thinking”

You have the skills and physical ability, but your mental process lets you down.

To develop an effective mental process it is necessary to receive real-time feedback of your mental activity, which is exactly what the iFocusBand Avatar provides.

While wearing the iFocusBand:

  • Experience your current mental process 

  • Refine the mental process with neurofeedback

  • Validate the mental process while performing















How It Works

The iFocusBand EEG Neuro-Sensors measure and transmit, in real time, your brain's electrical signals (mind activity) to a mobile device or PC running the iFocusBand software. The iFocusBand's algorithms process the electrical signals and audio-visually translate your minds activity via our unique Avatar, this is called Neuro-Feedback, the best known method for training the brain.

Why Use It

To perform to your potential in Wellness, Business and Sport, our research has shown that being able to switch to and execute in the Right Brain gives you a distinct advantage. The Brain is calm and able to make more appropriate decisions in a shorter period of time.


The iFocusBand is currently used by 8 US PGA Touring Golf, including Jason Day who has won two World major titles in the last 3 months.Many of the current EEG devices on the market are either experimental, used for research or games. iFocusBand assists you from evaluation to performance results

Co- Founders – Graham & Henry Boulton.

Graham is a Civil Aviation Electronics Engineer, successful businessman and entrepreneur. Henry, a keen sportsman and also an Electronics Engineer, is certified in Bio-mechanics and a fitness fanatic


Our Vision

Is to empower the Wellness and Business community with the iFocusBand so they can improve their performances in Meditation and Engagement



Contact Profile

T 2 Green Pty Ltd

Corporate History and Overview

T 2 Green Pty Ltd develops, markets, and supports innovative products,using the latest technologies to provide practical, user-friendly solutions for Sports, Business & Wellness.

The company commenced in 2002 and is a privately owned by Graham & Henry Boulton, a father and son affair. Since 1985, the founders have meticulously followed the development of the Computer and the Internet, they started their Company B&H Consultants, specializing in custom supermarket management software and the development of the first touch screen point of sale system, employing 43 people in three states.  This company was floated on the public exchange in 1997. 

Today, T 2 Green Pty Ltd is established in a market niche that has great potential to enhance how Sports, Business & Wellness business is conducted. T 2 Green Pty Ltd is continually working to improve existing products and services and to introduce new ones to keep their customers at the forefront of technology.

Our Mission

Is to make all our products available to the mass market. With the advent of a series of new technologies in communication, EEG sensors and MPU’s we are focused on embracing this technology and scaling up our manufacturing.

Our Business Model

T 2 Green Pty Ltd markets and supports its products directly and through co-marketing agreements and strategic partnerships with Resellers worldwide. In addition to our own Electronic and computer expertise, we foster close ties with a select group of International companies, to provide clients with specialized products relating to Sports, Business & Wellness.

Graham Boulton
P: +414780667
M: 0414 780 667


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