Friday, March 7th, 2014

Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich has called for the NSW Government to provide security for Millers Point social housing tenants, following media reports that another 25 homes will be sold. 

“The Millers Point community will be disappointed and upset about the loss of another 25 homes from their tightknit and supportive community,” Mr Greenwich said.
“The government announced a review and promised residents they would be consulted, but they’ve been excluded and kept in the dark, and read about decisions in the paper.
“It is shameful that some homes have been deliberately left empty when there are 57,000 people on waiting lists for low cost housing.
“Constituents report about 40 empty properties in Millers Point that could be housing vulnerable people who need a home, providing rental income and preventing squatters, vandalism and deterioration,” Mr Greenwich said.
“Many residents will be fearful that they will be forced out of their homes and their community following this announcement.
“I oppose breaking up this small but strong supportive community where there is no history of problems as in some large outer suburban estates.
“Millers Point has been in limbo too long. I call on the government to provide the Millers Point community with a clear decision and provide them security for their future.
 “Residents are rightly concerned about ‘social cleansing’ – they see the government getting rid of poorer people.
“My submission to the current Social, Public and Affordable Housing Inquiry calls for significant investment in low cost housing, but we need low cost housing across the city including close to the CBD,” Mr Greenwich concluded.

Mr Greenwich has contacted the Minister to seek clarification if the properties earmarked for sale are existing vacant ones and if they are in addition to the ones earmarked for sale by the previous Labor Government. 

For further information contact Alex Greenwich on 0458042342


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