Thursday, March 6th, 2014

From today, when journalists and bloggers use SourceBottle to 'call out' for sources, experts and case studies for stories, they'll be greeted almost immediately with an email from SourceBottle listing some suggested experts to get in touch with.

The free online tool, which has been widely embraced by the media industry over the last five years, is now being even more responsive to help journalists and bloggers get access to relevant industry experts, without having to wait for their call out to be shared with its nearly 60,000-strong social media community.

Instead, SourceBottle will now send journalists and bloggers the profiles of some experts (based on the keywords used in the call out) and invite them to get in touch there and then.

Founder Bec Derrington said that this added feature of the service was to help expedite the process for all involved.

"Often journalists who use the service are on deadline and need to speak to sources immediately, so we thought we'd send them the profiles of a number of relevant experts as soon as the call out's published to help them get started.

"They won't have to wait until the email alerts are distributed at 10am and 2pm each day to get access to the service's more than 21,000 subscribers.

"We know this feature will also help time-poor subscribers, who don't always get a chance to read through the twice-daily emails, and may miss relevant call outs only to discover them once the media opportunity has expired.

"We're pretty excited about this feature as it means that we're responding even faster to journalists and bloggers, and helping them connect with relevant experts, whether these experts have had a chance to respond via the traditional process or not," she said.

Ms Derrington also stressed that the service can still operate without these added features.

"Journalists and bloggers need to elect to receive the emails from SourceBottle and enter their keywords before they start receiving emails with suggested experts via the service.

"Likewise, subscribers to the 'Expert Profile' service can opt out of being 'pitched' to journalists and bloggers, and just store their profile on the site to auto-attach to each of their responses to call outs, as a comprehensive backgrounder.

The 'Expert Profile' feature is free for journalists and bloggers posting call outs for sources on SourceBottle.

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